Stocking Stuffers For The Last Minute Shopper

Last minute shopping (or anything really) should be my middle name! I always procrastinate or forget until last minute and then I’m rushing around trying to get everything done. This can be hectic and stressful, especially when you have no idea what you are looking for! I get super stressed looking for stocking stuffers to get people in general because to fill up a huge stocking is a lot of ideas of little knickknacks. But doing that but under pressure? Um, hard pass. So I made a list for my fellow procrastinators out there of stocking stuffer ideas!

1. For Her

• A Cute Phone Case

• Nail Polish

• Sheet Face Masks

• Bobby-Pins (Every girl needs this, we lose them 24/7!)

• Lippies

• A Cozy Book

• Winter Hat

• Hair Ties

• A Small Clutch Purse

• Lashes

• Candle

• Some Cute Statement Earrings

• Perfume

• Mini Eyeshadow Palettes

• Fuzzy Socks

• A Bath Bomb

2. For Him

• Watch

• Wallet

• Winter Hat

• Leather Bracelet Set

• Bluetooth Headphones

• A Nice Tie Clip

• A Journal

• Gloves

• Tickets To A Movie/ Concert/ Play

• Phone Case

• Cologne

• Sunglasses

• Dollar Shave Club Subscription

• A Nice Toiletries Bag

• Comb

• Tie

I hope you liked these stocking stuffer ideas and found them useful! Comment down below some more stocking stuffer ideas.

-Stay Chic

Stephanie Russell

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