Jeffree Star Holiday Collection: Swatch and Review

Jeffree Star Cosmetics came out with a whole new Holiday Collection and I honestly couldn’t be more excited about it! The collection contains two new highlighter palettes, both with six shades each. Three new lip scrubs, four new Lip Ammunition Lipsticks, and eight new Velour Liquid Lipsticks.

I got the Platinum Ice Skin Frost Pro Palette, this palette contains the shades Ice Cold which is a white shimmering highlight shade, Glacier a light silver shimmer highlight, Lavender Snow a purple shimmer highlighter, Alien Ice a green shimmer highlighter, Pink Chill a pink shimmer highlighter, and Canary Bling a yellow shimmer highlighter.

The highlighters were silky smooth when applying and were super pigmented (as always)! The prettiest ones, in my opinion, in the palette are definitely Ice Cold, Pink Chill and Canary Bling. They are such unique colored highlighters and would look great on any skin tone.

Next, my favorite part of the collection, the Velour Liquid Lipsticks! Jeffree Star Cosmetics liquid lipsticks are so good in general, but these new pretty colors still have me excited! Before I move to the shades that I have and the swatches, can we just appreciate how beautiful the packaging of these liquid lipsticks are. I love the ombre pink glitter packaging, this will definitely look cute on any vanity! Out of the eight new liquid lipsticks that came out I have six. Sadly, First Class and Poinsettia were sold out when I purchased them, but I will have them soon since they are back in stock. The shades I have are Medusa which is a gray color with a blueish undertone, Mermaid Blood which is a dark turquoise shade, Christmas Cookie which is a pinkish nude shade, Berries On Ice which is a magenta/boysenberry shade, Human Nature which is a dark mauve shade, and Santa Baby which is a red/raspberry shade.

My favorite ones from the collection that I have are Human Nature, Christmas Cookie and Mermaid Blood. These, just like my favorite highlighters from the Platinum Ice Skin Frost Pro Palette, are also unique shades. These liquid lipsticks are extremely pigmented, smooth in application and are not streaky whatsoever. They also dry down completely matte (and are Kiss proof) where the Lip Ammunition Lipsticks do not dry down completely.

To me this collection was a complete success and I love everything that I received! I can’t wait to wear all of these on a daily!

I hope you enjoyed reading this and comment down below what your favorite shades are from Jeffree Star’s new Holiday Collection!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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