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How To Still Dress Cute While Going To The Airport

‘Tis’ the season for holiday travel! Going to the airport can be a hassle. Especially when leaving for an early morning or late night flight. Sometimes with being in a rush to get there and trying to make sure you have everything, really makes you want to just go in your pjs! But I came up with some easy outfits you can put together to wear at the airport, and still be comfortable but look cute at the same time!

Definitely wearing a long sleeve shirt, a vest, some running sneakers and leggings/exercise pants will keep you looking cute but feeling comfy! This outfit especially helps for when you’re late for your flight, and you don’t have to rush in heels or uncomfortable clothes.

The next outfit is just a quick pair of jeans, a plain t-shirt, a sweater and some converse! This is casual, and easy to just throw on before your flight! Having the sweater is always great for if you get cold on the plane as well.

Another cute outfit is some black jeans, a vest, a turtleneck, and booties. This outfit is more geared towards if you’re going for a chic look to wear at the airport. But fair warning: this outfit is definitely not something you should wear if you’re in a rush! Heeled booties are not fun to run in while trying to catch a flight (trust me)!

Another easy look I made with converse! A blanket scarf, with a plain shirt, and some jeans! I love wearing this specific type of outfit to the airport. I love it because if you’re too hot in the plane you can take the scarf off and be left with a light t-shirt, but if you’re too cold then you can use the scarf as a blanket! It’s cute and it’s multi-use.

And lastly I put together the chicest of all airport outfits! I wore all black (black jeans, muscle tee, and booties) and paired it with a long tan cargo vest! I love this outfit, and if you are in a rush you can even pair this outfit with some matching sneakers for example, Old Skool Vans!

I hope you enjoyed reading and comment down below if you look for comfort or style while traveling!

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