Thrift Shop Haul

Thrifting is an amazing way to save money while shopping for clothes. Most clothes at thrift stores are lightly used. You can even find some great higher end brands there as well for a quarter of the cost! So I went thrifting and here’s what I got!

The first thing I absolutely fell in love with was this gray tweed blazer with leather accents. Blazers are HUGE this fashion season and were seen all over during NYFW Spring & Summer Collections 2018 (SS18). It was seen on the runway as well as in street fashion. Once I saw this, I definitely needed it in my closet! I paired it with some dark jeans, a casual white v-neck and some white snakeskin heels. This blazer was only $8!

This Tribal hot pink jacket was so cute and I was super obsessed with it once I laid eyes on it! Hot pink was also all the rage during NYFW SS18! I saw a lot of great hot pink looks in street fashion. I paired my hot pink jacket with a white graphic t-shirt, dark jeans and tan suede heels! This jacket only costed me $7!

And the last thing I made sure I snagged was a men’s dress shirt. Men’s dress shirts are a growing trend in the fashion industry and are seen mostly in street fashion as of right now. What I did was, I only buttoned the last three buttons on the shirt and kept the rest off the shoulder. I then tied a small front bow and paired it with a feather necklace because feather accents were in a lot of fashion collections at NYFW SS18 as well. I also paired this outfit with dark jeans and some pink suede heels (not pictured). This men’s shirt was only $5!

Overall, I only spent $20 at the thrift store and got three items. To me this is a steal because usually I would pay $20 just for a t-shirt alone. I’m very satisfied with my purchase and was really happy that I found such trendy items while thrifting. I can’t wait to go back!

I hoped you liked this haul, let me know in the comments down below a favorite item that you’ve found at your local thrift store.

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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