Touchstone Crystal by Swarovski Accessory Review

I found a hidden gem for fashion accessories! I have always been a fan of Swarovski jewelry, but it’s super expensive! I was recently introduced to Touchstone jewelry which is by Swarovski! I went to a jewelry party and tried on a bunch of the Touchstone jewelry and wanted to take everything home. Here’s some of the things I purchased from Touchstone:

I got this really chic leather charm bracelet called the Halftime Leather Bracelet that was $89! I wear this with a lot of casual outfits as well as my oversized sweaters. It’s a really durable bracelet, especially with being leather.

The next item I got was this really pretty statement necklace called the Angelique Collar Necklace! This necklace was $139 and honestly brings elegance to any outfit. You can’t go wrong with wearing this necklace!

This classy bracelet is called the Golden Shadow bracelet! It’s $89 and looks great with formal outfits. The bracelet is super sparkly and luxurious feeling.

Another thing I got from Touchstone were these really elegant emerald stud earrings. These are no longer for sale but were about $40.

I also got another leather bracelet. This bracelet is called the Lava Stone Leather Bracelet. The bracelet is $69 and goes really well with casual outfits!

I purchased these super cute light pink earrings called the Tropical Blooms Earrings. These are nice to wear with formal and business casual outfits. The earrings are $29, which is super affordable for these cute earrings.

I loved everything about Touchstone and was very happy I was invited to that jewelry party! Here is the link to the independent seller I use to purchase this jewelry:;jsessionid=B44C735E5501A6364B756A77AAEF090C

I hope you enjoyed reading this and comment down below your favorite jewelry piece!

P.s. This post counts for 11/15/17 for the giveaway!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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