20 Stores With Student Discounts

Shopping for clothes is a lot of fun especially when you love fashion. But when you’re a student, finding that money to shop is very hard. So I put together a list of stores that have student discounts that I thought would be helpful!

*Most of these will require a student ID to receive a discount*

Charolette Russe– 10% off

J. Crew– 15% off

ASOS– 10% off

Topshop– 10% off

Banana Republic– 15% off

Kate Spade– 15% off

ModCloth– 15% off

Steve Madden– 10% off

Madewell– 15% off

H&M– 15% off

Toms– 10% off

Urban Outfitters– 10% off on certain days

Alex and Ani– 10% off

Express– 15% off

Forever 21– 10% off

Levi’s– 15% off

Ralph Lauren– 15% off

Boohoo– 25% off

Ann Taylor– 15% off

PacSun– 10% off

I hope you enjoyed these student discounts and comment down below your favorite place to shop!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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