My Christmas Wishlist

Black Friday and Cyber Monday is coming soon and thinking about what I’m getting others for gifts got me thinking… What do I want for Christmas? I am usually so stressed with getting everyone else their gifts, I rarely make my own wishlist until last minute. So this year I sat down and made a wishlist for myself. My hope is that this will give you ideas on what you might want for Christmas or what to get someone! Maybe this post will even encourage to make your own wishlist.

This is everything I want for Christmas:

1. Mademoiselle by Chanel Pefume

2. Lilly Lashes

3. Pink Fitbit Cover

4. Kate Spade Purse

5. High Waisted Ripped Boyfriend Jeans

6. Ruffled Sweater

7. Black Pointed Toe Backless Loafers

8. Long Double Faced Cocoon Wool Coat

9. Better Than Sex Mascara

10. Maxi Cardigan

11. Cropped Dress Pant

12. Navy Blue Tall Hunter Boots

13. Himalayan Salt Lamp

14. Brown and Tan Faux Fur Coat

15. Knitted Faux Fur Pom-pom Hat

16. Light Pink Poncho

17. Drybar Hair Dryer

18. Bath Bombs

19. Long Knitted Socks

20. Distressed Jean Jacket

21. Floral Scented Candle

22. Sweater with Flared Sleeves

23. Too Faced Boss Lady Beauty Agenda Palette

24. Tassel Earrings

I hope you enjoyed this post and comment down below what you want for Christmas!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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