Freebies You Need To Know About

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Who doesn’t like free stuff? I try to get as many free things as I can, mostly because I’m a college student but also because getting free things is the best feeling. So here is a list of some free stuff you can get!



Beauty Offers: Clicking the Beauty Offers tab on the Sephora website brings you to a page with codes for free deluxe size samples that you can get with every purchase of $25+! You insert this code into PROMO CODES at checkout and you’ll receive your free sample!

Sephora’s $50 Makeover: Considering you can hit the $50 mark when buying one or two items, you can request a makeover when you make a $50 purchase!

Sephora’s Samples: You can go to Sephora and literally ask for a sample of almost anything on display at the store! I’ve gotten samples of masks, liquid lipsticks, foundations, and HD Powder! You don’t even need to make a purchase to get this free sample!

3 Free Samples: With every online purchase you can choose up to 3 free samples!

Beauty Insider Rewards Bazaar: Becoming a Beauty Insider is completely free and comes with plenty of perks. Rewards Bazaar is just one of those perks. When making purchases at Sephora, you give them your Beauty Insider information and every dollar you spend translates into Rewards points. You can redeem these points through Rewards Bazaar and get products for your points.

Being a Beauty Insider also gives you a free birthday gift on your birthday, exclusive deals and product releases as well as free makeovers if you reach a VIB or VIB Rouge level (VIB is spending a total of $300 and VIB Rouge is spending a total of $1000 in a calendar year)!



Ulta’s Ultimate Rewards: Similar to Beauty Insider, Ulta has a rewards programs where again each dollar you spend translates into points and those points can be redeemed for products.

Being apart of Ulta’s Ultimate Rewards program also allows you to get a free birthday gift on your birthday, as well as double points on your birthday, exclusive coupons and freebies if reach Platinum Rewards member (Spending $450 in a calendar year)!

Ulta’s Free Sample Packet: When you check out online, you can choose to get skincare, fragrance or a mix of free samples in a packet with your purchase!



MAC’s Six Empties Rule: If you shop at MAC often then you might already know that if you have six empties (empty products) you can bring them back to MAC and get a free $17 lipstick!

MAC’s $50 Makeover: Spending $50 at MAC is extremely easy, especially if you use some or most of their products on a daily basis like me! But what you might not have known is if you spend $50 at MAC you can request a free makeover.



Aveda’s Rewards and Birthday Gift: Signing up to make a pure privilege account with Aveda which is a one time $10 membership fee you will get points towards every purchase, multiple chances for bonus points or double points that can be claimed for products, massages and more, as well as a free birthday gift on your birthday!


Beauty Boxes (Birchbox, ipsy, Glossybox, BoxyCharm, fabfitfun etc.)-

Exclusive Coupon Deals: Many beauty boxes give exclusive coupons and deals to their subscribers. These coupons and deals come from your emails and even the beauty boxes themselves.

Exclusive Product Deals: Beauty boxes also allow their box subscribers in on many different product deals through their website, where you can buy a product on sale or at a discounted price exclusive to those who are subscribed.



Target Beauty Box: Target comes out with their own beauty box every season that is $7 and you have to purchase it online on a first come first serve basis. When the box is sent to you, you receive the products in the box as well as a $3 off coupon towards any beauty purchase made at Target, you are also sometimes sent coupons for the products in the box itself.

Target Cartwheel: The Target app has a feature called Cartwheel, where you scan the barcodes of the products you are buying and you get deals and coupons on those products. There are constant deals on clothes, shoes and makeup and sometimes it can even be up to 30% off or more!



Completely Free VoxBoxes: Influenster is a company that sends you free products in exchange for your reviews. Check out my explanation on What Influenster is and The Review of My Latest VoxBox I Was Sent! If you want to join Influenster, use my referral link to sign up!



Free $20: If you are a VIP JustFab member, which is a $39.95 a month membership to get a pair of shoes each month you choose, you can get a free $20 to refer someone to join! Check out my post Is JustFab Worth It? and if you want to join JustFab use my referral link to sign up!



Sell and Make Money: Poshmark is a free app where you can sell your clothes and ship them to your buyers without spending a dime. Your buyers pay for the product and shipping, and all you have to do is print out the shipping label, pack it and send it over! Once you sell a product there will be money in your Poshmark account for you to either transfer to your bank account (YAY! Money for clothes you wanted to get rid of anyway!) or you can shop at other people’s boutiques or closets using that money you were paid (YAY! Free new/lightly used clothes!). Check out my post on Tips On How To Sell On Poshmark !


Pura Vida Bracelets- 

Free Bracelets: Pura Vida Bracelets has a program where you can become a Pura Vida Rep, this is where you represent their brand by posting pictures, trying and get people to buy their bracelets. You can make money from this by having people use your code for 20% OFF of their purchase! Once you become a Pura Vida Rep they will send you a package in the mail of free bracelets, exclusive Pura Vida Rep stickers, and a post card to write your code on. If you follow their Instagram, Facebook page, and their Pura Vida Rep Instagram and Facebook page (they are separate since being a Rep is exclusive), they post contests constantly giving away free products! Check them out in my Fashion That Gives Back post!


I hope you enjoyed these freebies and comment down below any freebies you know of that is not listed already!


-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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