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Moschino X Sephora Brushes Review

This Moschino X Sephora collaboration was super hard to get your hands on. So just getting the brushes was a blessing in itself! I used these for a long time since I got them to do a review so I could give an honest review.

The brushes themselves are super cute. I love the bears 🐻 and I absolutely love the gold metal of this whole collection. When using these brushes I felt they were definitely luxury brushes. They were heavy and the synthetic hairs on the brushes are soft. For the flat brush I definitely would use it for bronzer rather than a foundation because it made the foundation streaky. When using the large powder brush and the tapered blush brush I️ felt they worked perfectly! The blush brush got a lot of product so you just have to make sure to tap off the excess. For the eyeshadow brushes, they worked very well. They blended the eyeshadow amazingly!

I hope you enjoyed reading and comment down below if you were able to try anything from the Moschino X Sephora collection.

P.s. I apologize for my giveaway people for not posting yesterday but my scheduled posts were still being messed up from daylight savings time and to prevent any more mishaps I️ will have to post day-of from now on. This post counts for 11/07/17!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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