Is JustFab Worth It?

We’ve all seen the repetitive ads on social media, tv, and in magazines for JustFab. But is it worth the money? You spend $39.95 a month for one pair of shoes each month. It’s basically like a beauty box subscription but for shoes (and you get to pick which ones you like). I’ve had JustFab for almost two months now and here’s my thoughts:

The shoes are super cute and quality! They aren’t cheaply made nor do they look cheap. JustFab also stays up to date with all of the trends happening. Every pair of shoes I’ve gotten so far (which is 3 pairs) I️ have fallen in love with and also have gotten tons of compliments on.

I️ got buckled olive green stiletto booties for the fall/winter time. They are super stylish and comfortable which is the perfect combination for a pair of heeled booties.

I️ also got these on-trend backless loafers in a metallic silver color. They are really cute, trendy, and are also comfortable as well. The other pair I️ have are these same backless loafers but in black!

So to me, JustFab is totally worth it especially if you are trying to up your shoe game in an affordable way! It’s also worth it if you’re looking to just buy some cute shoes! JustFab also has purses, clothes and accessories you can buy as well.

If you want to join JustFab, you can use my code to sign up and get your first pair of shoes for $10 if you sign up to be a VIP member. Here’s my code!

I️ hope you enjoyed reading and comment down below if you’ve seen a JustFab ad anywhere before!

P.s. This post counts for the giveaway post for 11/07/17 !

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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