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Laura Lee Los Angeles Cat’s Pajamas Palette Review

One of my favorite YouTubers came out with a makeup line and an eyeshadow palette! Yes, I’m talking about Laura friggan Lee. The kween of the beauty community in my opinion. I tried her palette out (and I’m giving one away)! Once I got this palette I was immediately obsessed with the packaging it comes in! With loving peonies and roses, I instantaneously gasped at the sight of such a gorgeous palette.

Once you take the cardboard packaging off you are left with the gorgeous palette itself. Covered in another thing I’m obsessed with, glitter! The packaging also feels sturdy and heavy (so we know it’s not cheaply made, Laura Lee wasn’t playing around).

When opening the palette I see the floral mirror which is such a cute idea! Then we get to the eyeshadows, which are pretty decent in size. They are good sized eyeshadows so you definitely won’t hit pan too quickly (unless you’re planning on using it everyday like myself). I also really love the uniqueness of the shadow names.

When swatching this palette I was shook. These are so pigmented, I only needed one swatch and didn’t have to build up the eyeshadows to get pay-off. The pay-off of the pigment was immediate in one swipe of a finger. I did an eye look with these shadows and I am in love with the silky feel of this formula. This palette blended seamlessly and is definitely beginner friendly!

I hope you enjoyed reading, and if you want a shot at winning your own Laura Lee Los Angeles Cat’s Pajamas palette, a couple more palettes and some other goodies make sure to enter my giveaway! The giveaway ends November 23rd. Make sure to read The Giveaway Details Post and follow the rules to be entered to win!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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