50 Fall Dates

Running out of date ideas for you and your significant other this fall? Here’s 50 fun dates you could do together for this season!

1. Pumpkin Picking

Bring your boyfriend or girlfriend to a pumpkin patch and pick out the perfect pumpkin together! You can use it for your super cute Instagram fall posts as well!

2. Picnic Outside

Take advantage of the beautiful fall foliage and/or cooler weather and have a picnic outside together. You can go to a local park, or any open area to have your picnic. Make sure your bring blankets to keep warm!

3. Bonfire and Smores

Grab some firewood, tinder and kindling for this date! Making smores together, and cuddling by the fire is always an amazing way to spend time with your significant other during the fall!

4. (Backyard) Camping

Camping is always a joy, especially in the cooler weather, when the tent doesn’t get unbearably hot/humid. If neither you or your partner want to travel far, you can always camp in the backyard as an alternative!

5. Coffee Date

Coffee dates can be a great fall date to go on with your boyfriend or girlfriend! Even if you don’t drink coffee, you can always change it to a tea or hot chocolate date! Also, picking a scenic area can make the date even more fun!

6. Visit Local Library/ Book Store

A trip to the library or book store is an enjoyable date! You can bring your significant other with you and pick books out for each other to read, based on what they like. Another idea is to give each other your favorite book and have them read it! This is great to do during this season so you have a nice book to read for the fall.

7. Outdoor Movie

Who said you had to pay a fortune to see movies on the big screen? Just head out to your backyard with your partner, set up a projector and project a movie on the side of your house or a white king size bed sheet! If you can’t make it yourself, you can also go to a local drive-in theatre or a local outdoor movie event (if your community holds those types of events). You can even have a bonfire during your at home movie since the weather is getting a bit colder. If you go somewhere for an outdoor movie just cuddle up next to each other to keep warm and make sure to bring a heavy fall blanket.

8. Shop at Local Farmers Market

Farmers markets are fun to go and shop for organic produce. They usually sell freshly made jams, and bouquets of flowers as well. Personally, I love fall vegetables, so going in the fall is great! Some farmers markets even have food options, to eat while you are there shopping! So bring your significant other, buy them some flowers, and shop for some organic fruits and veggies together!

9. Apple Picking

A great fall date is apple picking! You’ll have to do research on which apples are in season when you go but apple picking is such a great experience to have together. It’s always a good time running through the rows of apple trees, and picking the best, juiciest looking apples off.

10. Play Football Together

Playing football together during this season is in many family and relationship traditions, mostly because football is a fall sport! Am I saying go full-on playing professional football? No (unless you want to), but a game of throwing a football back and forth to each other and some playful tackling can definitely be fun! If neither of you know anything about football, you can learn how to play together!

11. Go on a Nature Walk/ Hike

Hiking/ nature walks are key in the fall season! I recommend going when the leaves are changing colors because the view is beautiful. Plus, experiencing that with your boyfriend or girlfriend is just as breathtaking as the views itself!

12. Go Window Shopping

Go to your nearest city/downtown area and browse the boutiques and shoppes together! Most boutiques and shoppes are having sales during the fall time—trying to sell the remainder of clothes/items from the summer. It’s also fun to go and try the clothes on with your partner and have a small fashion show at every shop you visit!

13. Go Pizza Tasting

My boyfriend and I came up with a pizza tasting date that we do every fall season. We go to our local pizza restaurants and order one slice of pizza and see which slice wins (tastes the best). We live in New Jersey/New York area, so there’s a pizza joint almost every block. I understand some might not have as many pizza restaurants around them as we do so I have alternatives. You can make your own DIY pizzas and see who makes the best one or you can go to different restaurants and try a different kind of food like tacos or even desserts!

14. Go to a Car Show

Summer going into fall is prime time for car collectors. There are tons of car shows that happen during the fall. So bring your boyfriend or girlfriend to a local car show and see some amazing classic and cool cars!

15. Hot Tub Date

An amazing feeling is being in a hot tub when it’s cool outside. You can stay warm sitting in the hot tub with your partner. Then if it gets too hot, the cool breeze will always rescue you. So have a romantic night in the hot tub alone and just relax or you can invite friends over to hangout in the hot tub.

16. Go to a Football Game

Whether you get season seat holder tickets for your favorite professional football team or cheer on your local high school football team, go to a football game with your significant this fall! Football is a huge sport for fall time so it’s a great date to go on for this season, even more so if you or your partner are football fans!

17. Paint/ Carve Pumpkins

If you already did fall date idea #1 or you got pumpkins from the store, another date idea is to decorate those pumpkins. You can share a pumpkin or have your own pumpkins and carve them or paint them together! It’s a time to get creative and have fun with it!

18. Go Tailgating

With football being in season, I realized that sometimes the tailgating before the game is more fun than actually going to the game itself! So with your partner, either buy tickets to a football game and tailgate beforehand with friends! Or in some instances you can go to a professional football game, only pay for parking (which is way cheaper than buying a ticket), and just tailgate the whole game while watching/listening to it live.

19. Have a Baking Date

Halloween themed, Thanksgiving themed or fall decorative baked goods in general are fun to make with your boyfriend or girlfriend during this season! So buy some cookie dough, cake mix, etc. and bake together as well as decorate the baked goods together.

20. Go Through a Haunted House

Fall time is all about doing spooky stuff, even after Halloween! So go to a haunted house walk through or any scary walk through, and hold your boyfriend or girlfriend a little bit tighter (or run from the scary stuff).

21. Go to a Museum or Aquarium

Sometimes the weather outside is going to be rainy, damp and cold. But who says you still can’t have date night? Take that time to do something fun inside with your partner, like go to a museum or aquarium!

22. Run Together

The fall season is huge for running! There’s tons of 5Ks going on during the fall, so you can sign up you and your significant other to run in one. If you aren’t ready to run a 5K (don’t worry I’m not either) then you can just run with them around the neighborhood or at a park!

23. Have a Fall Photo-Shoot

Going somewhere pretty and taking some great pictures together is always a good date! Whether you hire a photographer, bring along a friend or use a tripod, take some fall candid photos! A plus to going on this date is that you’ll both have some cute fall pictures to post on social media!

24. Go to a Vineyard

Going wine tasting at a vineyard is popular during the fall season (if you’re of legal age to drink of course). So your partner and you should go if you’re interested in drinking wine and having a good (but responsible) time, or even just going there to eat the amazing food from the food trucks and see the beautiful vineyard.

25. Go on a Target Date

My boyfriend and I go on Target dates (or Dollar Tree dates) all the time in the fall. We feel the fall is the best time to do it since Christmas is still a little bit away and we have that extra money to spend on small gifts for each other. So the rules: you have a certain limit on how much money each of you can spend ($5, $10, $20 etc.), and with that money you buy each other gifts. During the date you have to be careful because you can’t run into them once the date starts otherwise you lose. So get creative, and whoever has the best gift wins! This can obviously be done at any kind of store and doesn’t just have to be done at Target!

26. Go to an Open House

A fun date to go on with your partner is to go to an open house, especially on those fall weekends where you feel like there’s nothing to do. An open house is an open viewing to the public of a house that is for sale, anyone can walk into the house and look around! This is fun if you or your partner like home decorating because you can talk about how you would decorate the house differently. Something else that’s fun is getting dressed up for the open house and going to the huge mansion type of house. It’s cool to see the inside of some big houses because they’re sometimes built so beautifully. Having done this date with my boyfriend, I know it’ll definitely be something fun to do for you and your significant other! (Fun Tip: You can always act like different characters for each house you visit)!

27. Decorate for Fall

A fun part of the autumn is to decorate your house/apartment with your significant other! So break out the mums and fake (or real if you did fall date #1 or #17) pumpkins, and start decorating!

28. Volunteer/ Bring to Good Will

Giving back to your community is not only rewarding for you, but it helps others. So maybe do some fall closet cleaning with your boyfriend or girlfriend, and bag the clothes, shoes or toys you don’t need, and give them to good will. This also is helpful if you’re donating a coat since the fall weather is getting cooler and cooler as the months go on. You both can even give back by volunteering together! Going to the local hospital to volunteer your hours there or even a soup kitchen, or an animal shelter. Volunteering is important and I’m sure many places would love to have you and your boyfriend or girlfriend’s help.

29. Visit the Park

Going to a park is great during the fall time. The foliage and the cold weather is beautiful. So sit on a park bench with your significant other and talk about anything! Just enjoy your time together with beautiful scenery around you.

30. Go on a Mini Road Trip

During the fall time, especially if you’re in school or working, there aren’t many opportunities to take a vacation. So take a weekend with your partner and go somewhere not too far from home! Mini road trips are a nice getaway and might be the 3 day break from reality you both need.

31. Visit a Lighthouse

Lighthouses are best traveled to in the fall. Walking up hundreds of stairs in the heat or icy cold weather is not enjoyable. So the fall time is a great time to go with your boyfriend or girlfriend! It’s also a lot of fun to learn the facts and history about the lighthouse.

32. Stargazing Date

During the colder months (fall into winter) the sky is more clear and looks to be there are more stars in the sky! Don’t believe me? The reason for this is because the Earth is facing the Orion Arm of the Milky Way. These collection of stars are bigger, and closer to us (good thing I took that astronomy class last year). So grab some sleeping bags and just gaze at the stars. Or if you have a pick-up truck, fill it with blankets and pillows, drive somewhere with little to no light pollution and stargaze in there!

33. Throw a Halloween Costume Party

Who said Halloween is coming to an end? Throw a costume party before the fall time is over! Invite some friends over, get some snacks and spooky looking treats and have fun! Make sure you and your partner have a rocking couples costume! You can even let people vote for their favorite costume and give a prize or trophy to the best costume! (My boyfriend and I are dressed as Gatsby and Daisy below)!

34. Study/Work Date

If you’re a student, you might be working on mid-terms or if you have a job you might just have a lot of paperwork. So, a productive date idea is to sit with each other, maybe even help each other, while you both get your work done!

35. Take a Walk/ Walk with the Dogs

Taking a walk together, with or without dogs, is really special. You and your partner can take that time to talk about anything and enjoy being outside on the walk together (and if you have puppies, taking them along is a plus)! If you walk on a local trail you can really enjoy the fall scenery more!

36. Go on a Hayride

Hayrides are fun to go on with your boyfriend or girlfriend! Many local farms have this option, usually it’s an affordable date, on an open wagon so you can both enjoy the beautiful fall weather. My boyfriend and I take the time on the hayride to enjoy ourselves (unless it’s a haunted hayride) and then after, pet some of the farm animals that are there!

37. Game Night

Sometimes the day was super busy and you only have time for a small, last minute date night. Small date nights can be equally as much fun! Game night is a great choice for a last minute decision date! You and your partner can stay home and sink each other’s battleships, play hours of monopoly, figure out who murdered who in Clue or even play some video games together! Another option my boyfriend and I usually do, is go to the local bar on their game nights where they play bingo! This is best to during the fall because the bars are not too crowded with the summer tourists!

38. Get Lost in a Corn Maze

Well, don’t get too lost, but doing a corn maze together is a ton of fun! It also shows you and your significant other how well you work together! And if you feel you need to work together better, this is a fun fall opportunity to practice that.

39. Relax in a Hammock

There are portable hammocks available for you to buy, and you can tie it up to two trees! They are affordable and easy to use if you don’t have a hammock at home. But relaxing in a hammock doesn’t have to be exclusive to the summertime, being on a tropical island! Fall is just as beautiful, and you can see that by taking a morning during the weekend together, to relax in hammocks in the woods or park and look at the falling leaves around you. My boyfriend lives on the beach so our hammock is in the sand near the ocean, which is also just as beautiful with the cold weather and listening to the waves, if you would rather do that as well!

40. Make Fall Crafts

Pinterest is loaded with tons of fall crafts, just waiting to be done! So search Pinterest, find the perfect fall craft and break out the hot glue guns for you and your boyfriend or girlfriend to complete. You can even post both made crafts on Facebook and have people vote for their favorite!

41. Do Some Scrapbooking

Nowadays we live in a world where all of our pictures are on our phone or Facebook/Instagram. Which to me is sad since you can lose all of your pictures in an instant if your phone breaks and some pictures aren’t on iCloud or Google Photos etc. or your social media account gets hacked. In a relationship, I believe having physical pictures means a lot more than an Instagram picture. So why not spend some time during a rainy fall day with your partner and put together a scrapbook of some important milestones!

42. Go Rollerskating or Bowling

Rollerskating and bowling are a lot of fun, and is a great alternative for a night that might be a little too cold to spend the date outside! Grab a pair of rollerblades or a bowling ball and enjoy a game of bowling or rollerskating around the rink with your significant other.

43. DIY Fancy Dinner

If you’re looking to do something romantic, have a DIY fancy dinner. What my boyfriend and I do is, we cook dinner together (you could use the fresh produce you bought from shopping at the farmers market, the date #8), and we decorate our outdoor patio with streamers and balloons. We also decorate the table with flowers and candles, and then we sit outside with classical music on and we eat our dinner together. This is something that you and your boyfriend or girlfriend can do together. This is very affordable, and very romantic. It’s nice to do this in the fall crisp air because you can enjoy the weather and have a bonfire n smores (date #3) afterwards!

44. Hot Air Balloon Ride

Hot air balloons are super cool and to ride in one with your partner is a very memorable experience! It’ll be especially beautiful looking down on all of the changing trees from so high up!

45. Read Outdoors Together

Sometimes the best dates don’t even need spoken words! Reading together outside can be enjoyable, just pick a fall-ey area, lay or sit together and read. This kind of date is seen a lot in NYC parks, where people lay in the grass and read together. If you’d like to make the date even more romantic, then maybe read to your boyfriend or girlfriend vice versa.

46. Spa Night

With the weather changing from hot to colder, your skin changes as well and it’s important that you take care of your skin accordingly. One night you can do DIY facials and face masks with your significant other! This is a lot of fun plus it is a quick and beneficial date!

47. Start a New Television Series

I personally believe that the best TV series come out in the fall! Plus, with all of these different platforms like Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu, and regular cable, you now have a huge variety of shows to choose from and catch up on! So take advantage of this, cuddle up on the couch, maybe put on the fire and start a new series with your partner! Just don’t watch ahead!

48. Make Fresh Apple Cider

Apple cider is one of the best fall drinks, right next to pumpkin spice coffee! But hot homemade apple cider is so much better than any store bought apple cider. There are tons of homemade apple cider recipes on Pinterest! So pick a recipe and make it with your boyfriend or girlfriend. What is cool about this is, that the recipe can be handed down and it can become a yearly tradition for the fall!

49. Go to a Concert/ Fall Festival

Concerts during the fall time are fun, the weather being cooler is nice (and so is not being surrounded by sweating people)! Plus, if you and your boyfriend or girlfriend enjoy the music playing, you’ll both have an amazing experience! And local fall festivals are a great way to spend time with your boyfriend or girlfriend, especially when there are a ton of cool vendors and tasty fall foods!

50. Make and Eat Candy/Caramel Apples

If you already did date #9 (Apple Picking) then you already have apples to coat in candy or caramel (or chocolate too)! Making candy/caramel apples is a lot of fun and this can also be turned into a yearly fall tradition! Go grab some apples, get your significant other, make some candy/caramel apples and eat them!

I hope you enjoyed these 50 fall dates and comment down below which one you’d like to go on!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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