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Influenster VoxBox Review

Few people know what Influenster is, and I’m here to teach you all about it and to review the latest VoxBox I was sent! What is Influenster? Is probably what you’re asking yourself. Influenster is one of those things that seem WAY too good to be true. This company has an app that you download and connect all of your social media to, anything from Facebook to your own personal blog. The amount of people you can reach (aka the amount of people that you are friends with on social media or are subscribed to you) is your impact rate. The higher your impact rate is, the better of a chance you have to get sent a VoxBox! What is a VoxBox? A VoxBox is a box you get sent in the mail containing ACTUAL free products in exchange for your reviews. Once you get your VoxBox you check it in, so Influenster knows you received it and then you share it on your social media platforms as well as review the products to unlock the VoxBox badge!

What does unlocking badges mean? You get a badge for every task you complete. So if you click on a badge it might tell you to share a picture of the product that was sent to you on Instagram or Facebook and to write about your experience using that product. Or it might tell you to write an honest review on Influenster about one of the products you received. It’s important you complete the VoxBox badges in order to be considered to be sent another one. You also can unlock badges that don’t have to do with a VoxBox and aren’t mandatory. These badges are sent to you to be completed (or not since it’s not mandatory) and sometimes just involves you taking a “shelfie” which is a selfie with a certain product on a shelf at a store. Or it sometimes is themed for a specific holiday that is coming up. For example, I received a badge that is Halloween themed and to unlock the badge it involves me reviewing my favorite Halloween candy. Unlocking badges also helps your chances of getting a VoxBox!

You can also unlock category badges! You do this by reviewing products in a certain category. So, when you review a lot in a category you move up in levels. For example, if I reviewed a lot about makeup and I get to the highest level in the “beauty junkie” category, I am more likely to be featured on Influenster on the reviews I post and it gives me a better chance to receive a VoxBox that is beauty related. So, overall, more impact, reviews and badges is a good thing and will help your chances with getting a VoxBox!

Now I will be reviewing the VoxBox I received! I was given this VoxBox from Influenster to test for free! This VoxBox was themed “DormLife”. I am still in college and I do still live in a dorm on campus, so this box is geared more towards college students! Just opening this box I saw these pamphlets, some for the products I had received, and they gave me a DormLife pamphlet that has all of the products listed on there with descriptions and prices.

Having this pamphlet is helpful so you can see the price point of the products you are reviewing. This is helpful because you can see if that product is worth the money or not, when testing them out.

What I got in this VoxBox was two Sour Punch candies, two Sinful Colors nail polishes, Tampax pocket pearl tampons, a Balance Bar, Not Your Mothers dry shampoo, and Alba Botanica acnedote face and body scrub.

Testing out the Sour Punch candies, one in flavor Ragin’ Reds and the other with assorted flavors. These tasted really good but aren’t as Sour as I expected them to be! They are really cool because they open from the front and are re-sealable (kind of like Oreos)! This is great for sharing or if you want to re-seal them and save them for later.

Testing the Sinful Colors nail polishes, I felt the formula was a bit watery. I had the colors Star Power which is the bright blue, and Pretty in Punk which is the bright purple color. These are from Sinful Colors Punk Yourself collection. The colors were very cute, although I didn’t like the formula, with the right top coat they’ll look perfect!

With reviewing the Tampax Pocket Pearls tampons, I felt that I really didn’t like it. I personally feel that Playtex tampons are more comfortable and have better absorbency. But with tampons and most things, everyone is different, something that may not work for me may work for someone else.

For the Balance Bar in the flavor cookie dough, I absolutely fell in love with this! I’ve tried many nutrient bars with all types of flavors. This one is by far the best I’ve ever had. I recommend trying it, because it actually tastes like cookie dough without having the guilty feeling afterwards!

I tested the Alba Botanica acnedote face and body scrub and since I have dry skin this didn’t work for me very well. But giving this to my boyfriend to try who has the oily skin type. He really liked this product! And it seems great for the price point.

And my favorite product I tested was the Not Your Mothers dry shampoo! This is one of the best dry shampoos because it takes the oil right out of your hair while giving you nice volume! It seems to be good for the price point!

What’s awesome about Influenster VoxBoxes is that they send you free full size products just for reviews!

If you want to join Influenster and get some free products here is a referral link:

I hope you enjoyed reading!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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