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Tarte Treasure Box: Review

Tarte came out with another box collection, and yes it’s limited edition! At first glance you can definitely tell there is a ton of neutral colored shadows. For some that may be a bad thing, for others it may be a good thing! It all has to do with preference. For me, neutral colors in a palette mixed with a few bold colors is amazing. You can make a lot of complete looks without dipping into other palettes! With this you can also go for a natural look or a colorful one. But how well does this palette work?

At first swatch, you can tell that the formula and pigmentation for the blushes, bronzers and highlighter is no joke. It’s definitely quality products! They’re silky and have great pigment. What’s also cool about this palette, you get a deluxe size liquid lip, and mascara as well as a full size Sex Kitten eyeliner.

When swatching the first few colors that popped out at me I was pleased with how pigmented they were. The eyeshadows do not feel like the Amazonian Clay palettes whatsoever, they’re a bit chalkier but they definitely have color pay-off!

I tried a makeup look with these shadows and it came out beautifully. The shadows blended well and seamlessly. The bronzer, highlighter and blushes were extremely silky. Overall, I love the palette other than the chalkier formula for the eyeshadows, which was unexpected. But regardless, the eyeshadows still blended out well and I was able to work solely in one palette for all of my makeup needs.

Hope you enjoyed reading, let me know, in the comments below, which color eyeshadow you like the best!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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