Fenty Beauty Review, Worth the Hype?

We’ve all been hearing about Rihanna’s new makeup collection that came out at Sephora. This collection is very important because it is truly one of the first makeup collections to have such a diverse range of foundations for each skin tone. Even for those with the lighter and darker skin tones, that usually have trouble finding foundations, are able to find their perfect match. To me this already explains that Rihanna isn’t messing around with her makeup line. She has clearly invested in creating a makeup line that works for everyone. But is it worth the hype, or the money? Those are the important questions here.

I purchased the products on Sephora.com and when unboxing I noticed how luxurious the packaging was. Everything is heavy weight and not cheap feeling. The foundation is in a glass bottle which feels super luxurious, and the match stix trio are super interesting because they are all magnetized together. The packaging doesn’t only feel expensive but it is super cute and sleek as well.

In testing out the foundation, I had to go color match at Sephora before ordering the products. There were so many shades to choose from, so I wanted to make sure I got the perfect shade that worked for me. My skin tone is a warm medium shade so my perfect match was 220. When applying the foundation it felt super silky but it dries very fast so you have to work quickly with it. I have dry skin and it didn’t feel like a drying formula for my skin type and I also had good coverage with this foundation. I like medium coverage because full coverage makes my dry skin look cakey. This foundation is made to be medium coverage but can be built up to have a little bit more coverage.

When testing out the match stix trio I was skeptical because I’m used to solely using a powder for contour. When you use a powder for your contour it is more defined, with cream products the contour is more natural looking. As I used these, I really started to love the creaminess of the product. The problem I’ve had with some other cream contour sticks is the product itself is not able to blend out correctly, but this one blended out perfectly.

Now, for the concealer I like to have a bright and fully covered under-eye (since rings under my eyes aren’t my favorite accessory). I felt with this concealer I needed to use another concealer underneath, like Tarte’s shape tape, and then use the Fenty Beauty concealer on top of it. Doing this would help brighten up my under-eye area and further conceal it, because I felt that just the concealer (in the shade Bamboo) from the match stix trio didn’t cover my under-eye rings completely.

For the contour stick, (in the shade Mocha) it definitely was a perfect match for my skin tone. Although the cream contour didn’t give me that super defined contour that I’m used to achieving with a powder, it did indeed give me a beautiful natural looking contour. Of course, you can always put powder on top of the cream contour, but for the purpose of seeing how the products work on their own I didn’t do that. I also found that the contour stick can be built up to make it a little bit more defined.

And lastly, for the highlighting stick (in the shade Trippin), I found that using the stick directly to the face ruins your face makeup. So I used my finger to apply the highlighter to my face. The highlighter was a perfect, almost copper, shade for my skin tone and gave me a perfect natural glow. If you really love to gleam with your highlighters you can use the Fenty beauty match stix shimmer skinstick as a base and apply another highlighter on top of that.

I believe that Fenty beauty is definitely worth the hype and it is amazing that it has products for all skin tones. It is also relatively affordable, especially for the quality of the products. Let me know in the comments down below if you like Fenty Beauty or what products from this line you would like to try!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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