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My Review and Makeup Look for ABH Subculture

Which such controversy with this Anastasia Beverly Hills eyeshadow palette, I figured it was important for me to test it out myself. So I grabbed my Subculture palette and did an eye look. I also tested out the problems everyone seemed to be having.

The sister palette of ABH Modern Renaissance, Subculture, has beautiful colors in it! You can definitely create a complete look with this palette because of the wide variety of shades you get.

The first problem a lot of people were having was fallout. Many people complained to ABH of the severe fallout this palette had. Norvina, the daughter of Anastasia Soare (owner of ABH), said the fallout was because the palette was made with pigments that were softly pressed. This apparently helps with pigmentation. Still, people were upset about this and I tested it out. There was a good amount of fallout but like ABH said, there is a lot of pigmentation so you don’t have to dig too hard into the palette. But the fallout can be hard to get used to.

The palette is super pigmented and the shadows feel pretty silky when swatched. I swatched it with a brush because I know this has different ingredients than Modern Renaissance. Sometimes swatching with your finger can ruin the product because of the natural oils on your skin. This brush swatch was not patchy when applied on my hand, like many have complained it was when applied on their eye.

This is the eye look I did with the Subculture palette. I started with the peachy cream color Dream on my lid. Then as a transition shade I used the color mustard yellow Edge. I applied the transition color just above my crease, covering almost to the brow bone. I then applied the darker yellowy orange color New Wave in my crease and blended it. I then blended Dawn onto my brow bone to soften the look. After, I applied the yellow-gold Adorn to my lid and applied the color Untamed, a grayish blue, and smoked out the color on my lower lash line.

Overall, I agree that there is a good amount of fallout, but I also feel that the palette doesn’t need to be dug into too hard since it is super pigmented. It did not swatch patchy on my hand, but I agree with many others that had tried this palette, it was extremely difficult to blend out. This is definitely not a beginners friendly palette.

I hope you enjoyed reading and comment down below your opinions on Subculture!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

6 thoughts on “My Review and Makeup Look for ABH Subculture

    1. It’s a very hard palette to work with so I can understand the concern. I was able to create a nice look with it but I definitely wouldn’t recommend purchasing if it’s not for collectors purposes. It’s definitely not a palette I would reach for more than once a month or two months. I found dupes for the palette made with colors from Makeup Geek or Costal Scents and may do a review/look with those. So anyone that likes the color scheme of Subculture can get eyeshadows that aren’t as difficult 😊

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    1. I definitely understand that! The shades are also very difficult to work with. I would recommend purchasing from a collectors standpoint but it’s not worth it if anyone would want to use it as an everyday palette or if they’re a beginner. There’s tons of dupes for the palette with getting the shades from Makeup Geek or Coastal Scents. So maybe I’ll write a post about that, for those who like the colors but not willing to buy the Subculture palette!

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