Best Place for Artsy Pictures in New Jersey

There is a quaint little shopping village in New Jersey called Smithville. I love coming here whenever I get the chance because I love the cute little boutiques and shops they have here. It’s a nice relaxing day trip to take. Smithville is a historic town in New Jersey and is known to be around the area where farmers refused to give up their land to the British during the American Revolution. Learning the history of this place was amazing and just recently I went here and I’d like to share my experience as well as the artsy photo opportunities!

In Smithville there are many boutiques and shoppes, one of my favorites is the Out of Ireland shoppe. Having Irish in my blood, I love looking around this store. You can find many beautiful handmade things that are imported from Ireland. I love this store because it allows me to experience my heritage in a different way, seeing all of the imported goods that have meaning to my ancestors country. In Smithville they also have an Italian store, for those who are Italian or love that nationality/culture, would equally enjoy that store. I had also gone to the Italy store previously and purchased amazing imported olive oil, which I definitely recommend!

A cute shoppe in Smithville is the Crafting Cellar! They make wooden garden art, decor and mailboxes! They always have cute wooden decor for the outside of your house. What they have outside right now, mostly, is fall and Halloween wooden decor. They always have different decor depending on what season and holidays are close. This shoppe is also a great photo opportunity since there’s so many cute wooden signs!

What is also really unique about Smithville is that they have wild birds walking around. They have wild ducks, roosters, chickens, turkeys and swan on the premises. Although you shouldn’t get too close or feed the wild birds, they are fun to watch and take cute artsy pictures of!

Another favorite store I love to visit is Cooks Corner. This cooking shoppe has everything from fresh jellies to homemade coffee. As you can see in the picture above, Cooks Corner roasts their own coffee and you can either buy a fresh cup of joe or purchase their freshly made coffee beans. If you look towards the right of the picture you can tell they have tons of different flavored coffee beans as well! At Cooks Corner they also have fresh tea, glass tea sets, a range of hot sauces, and unique cooking supplies! If you do visit this shoppe, I recommend trying their hot chocolate because it’s the best I have ever had.

This rustic shoppe is a definite must for artsy pictures and shopping! If you love rustic signs and decor this shoppe is for you! Not only does the Country Folk shoppe serve to take a cute Instagram but you can purchase some amazing handmade signs or decorations for your house/dormitory.

Peanut Butter Co. is where you can taste test the best organic peanut butters! They have so many different flavors, like chocolate peanut butter, almond butter, cashew butter, honey roasted peanut butter, organic peanut butter and cappuccino peanut butter (my favorite). They also have organic jellies and freshly homemade peanut butter pastries and candy!

Another amazing shoppe is the Evermore Herb Co.! They sell great smelling soaps, bath salts, lotions, homemade teas and more! They also have cute wall decorations! I love this store because they have a lot of stuff to browse through and everything is super chic! A Smithville shoppe that I also love but didn’t get to take a picture of is Little Egg Harbor Soap Company (LEHS)! They sell all homemade soaps, bath bombs, body scrubs, body butters, lotions, room sprays and more! They also carry organic name products like Pacifica. I usually buy my homemade soaps from them instead of purchasing Lush products because I love their products so much!

There are many places to take artsy pictures in Smithville! This flowery picture was taken on the side wall of the Country Folk shoppe. There is also a beautiful water wheel, a bridge, gazebos, greenery, flowers and much more to take pictures of or in front of!

Any time I go to Smithville, I can’t help but purchase something! This time I went I had gotten a honeysuckle scented candle and small soaps in the scents green tea, sage, and rose from the Evermore Herb Co. shoppe. I had also picked up my favorite peanut butter, cappuccino peanut butter from Peanut Butter Co.!

I hope you enjoyed reading! Comment down below if you’d like to visit Smithville, New Jersey one day!

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-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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