Dorm Room Decor for Cheap

Everyone who is moving onto a college campus wants their dorm to be as homey as possible and perfect. Sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect dorm room decor for affordable prices! So, this upcoming year I found a way to decorate my dorm for cheaper. 

At first glance you can see the polka-dot wall! Since the walls at most colleges are all white, I felt a polka-dot wall would give the room a nice break from the white walls. The gold polka-dot decals were about $9 on Amazon. I had also gotten a pink rug from Target that was $60, but I had a coupon from the cartwheel app for 30% off the rug, which is a great deal! 

On the right side of the room is my bed. I had gotten my comforter set from Kohl’s for about $45, this set came with the comforter, a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, a pillow case and a sham! I had also gotten the gold and pink furry pillow cases from Amazon for about $10 each! The gold tapestry on the wall was from Amazon for about $15, which is a steal considering I’ve seen them being sold for $30 at certain stores. I also got the tan macrame wall art from five below for $5 and the cork board from Target for $10 but found a coupon on the  cartwheel app for 20% off the board! 

And lastly, I hung a ton of wall art! I got most of my picture frames from the dollar store and used free-print wall art I found from Pinterest. I had purchased some wall art downloads from Etsy as well! The other wall decor is from Michaels and I spent $5 or less on each item but used a 50% off coupon I found online separately for each item!  I printed pictures from Walgreens to hang on my desk and used the code SCHOOL for 50% off my pick-up order, this brought my total to $5. I also used Polaroid pictures I took to put on my desk. I used the same polka-dot wall decals on the desk, that I also used on the back wall! If all of those steals weren’t enough, I found a wire basket from Target at the dollar spot for $3 and I am using that as my trash can. My desk lamp is from five below and I got it for $5, and made most of my desk decor from things I found at the dollar store but spray painted the items on my own! 

Everything that I got was very cheap in comparison to how expensive it could have been! If I did not use coupons, find great deals or get things from the dollar store, dollar spot, or five below it would have easily costed me over $500, when I only paid about $211 for everything. Comment down below what your favorite decor piece in this post was! Mine is definitely the polka-dot wall decals. 

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– Stay Chic, 

 Stephanie Russell 


2 thoughts on “Dorm Room Decor for Cheap

  1. I adore your wall-art – pretty chic! You are absolutely on spot how you can create coziness with simple ideas without throwing a pile of money on it. An extra-effort brings you a long way. Well done!

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