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Disney Outfits

Disney is the happiest place on earth, so I needed the cutest outfits on earth to wear there! If you’re an avid Disney fan like myself, you’ll appreciate these outfits I wore on my most recent trip Disney. I went to Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios!

The first outfit I wore was Monsters Inc. themed! I was completely in love with Monsters Inc. and Monsters University, so this outfit was perfect in every way. I had a Brandy Melville white lacy shirt with a pair of ripped jean shorts and a Monsters University hat, which is from Amazon. I wore this outfit to Magic Kingdom because the Laugh Floor ride (a ride with Mike Wazowski) is in Magic Kingdom!

I’m sure we’ve all had trouble finding the perfect outfit for Animal Kingdom, but I succeeded this time around! I found a Lion King shirt that says Hakuna Matata, at Target in the men’s section. I actually cut the shirt to be a women’s tank top and it looks great! I paired this shirt again with ripped jean shorts. I wore this outfit to Animal Kingdom because the Lion King show is in Africa in the Animal Kingdom park!

And the last outfit I put together was this very pretty mermaid outfit. I purchased a “shell bra” tank top in the same colors as the Little Mermaid (purple and green) from an Etsy shop called TheBohipstian for about $25. And also paired this with ripped jean shorts. I wore this outfit to Hollywood Studios. I wore it to that park because there’s a Little Mermaid show in Hollywood Studios.

I hope you loved all of my Disney outfits, comment down below your favorite Disney character!

-Stay Chic,
Stephanie Russell

7 thoughts on “Disney Outfits

  1. LOVE this post!!! Disney is my favorite too!!!! I could literally go once a week for the rest of my life and never get sick of it. Thanks for the adorable post!!

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  2. I’ve never been to Disney but I definitely want to! My boyfriend has been twice and likes to remind me of this 😦 These outfits are super cute and I love how you’ve thought about it before styling them depending on where you’re going! Brilliant post X

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