Back To School Shopping For $1-$3

Back to school shopping is equivalent to Christmas morning for me. I am a lover of cute office supplies. This means I obviously spend enormous amounts of time at the Target Dollar Spot, and the Dollar Tree office supply section. Finding cute office supplies for cheap is not easy but it CAN be done. Here’s what I was able to get from the Dollar Tree and Target Dollar Spot for going back to school:

First thing I got from the dollar store were these super cute composition books! I found composition books with patterns on them at Staples for $2 each, so with buying these I saved $3!

Next, is a 3 hole-punched folder. These are usually about $2 each and I only paid $1 for this at the dollar store! It is pretty good quality as well.

I found Paper Mate Ink Joy pens for $1 at the dollar store! This is amazing because anywhere else these range from $3-$4 a pack.

I had also found cute post-it notes at the dollar store! Something’s similar to this would usually be $3.

Planners that are chic are very hard to find for cheap. But I found this gem at the dollar store! In comparison, a planner like this from Target could cost anywhere from $3-$6. So getting this for only $1 is a steal!

Another thing that is very expensive is washi-tape, and I found washi-tape at the dollar store! The tape is in a normal tape dispenser, which is great so you do not have to waste time to look for the edge of the tape. I love using washi-tape for my planner to post important notes and notices in it (it also makes it look super cute)!

I had also found decorative binder clips from the dollar store. Even though it only comes with three, I have purchased 6 decorative binder clips from Amazon for $5 before. So if you need 6 then you can get them for only $2 instead of $5!

Other than loving office supplies I also love making lists and these mini note pads are great for list making. Whether it be a to-do list, a grocery list, or a homework list, it’s always a great way to stay on top of things! I got a pack of 4 decorative mini notepads for $1 at the dollar store which would have costed me around $10 at Walmart!

I found an actual to-do list if the notepads aren’t enough! It’s great if you have a very busy schedule, because it breaks everything up by hours. This list also allows you to write down your top priorities that day. I got this at the Target Dollar Spot for $1 and it would usually cost around $12 on Amazon or at Staples.

Spiral notebooks should never be more than a dollar! I got these cute spiral notebooks from the dollar store and they’re pretty good quality. If you need a multiple subject notebook, that’s when you should spend the money. But if not, don’t waste money ($4 at Staples) on a spiral notebook you can get for $1 at the dollar store.

Labeling is very important when trying to be organized and buying labels to do so can cost an arm and a leg! These were at the dollar store but cost $10 at Staples!

And lastly from the Target Dollar Spot I was able to get giant paper clips which can be used to keep your place in a book or planner. The paper clips can also be used to clip important papers into a planner! I got them for $1 and can cost up to $3 on Etsy or $4 at Target (not at the Dollar Spot). And the most expensive item I got was a book with blank pages for “ideas”. It’s important to me to always have a book to jot down any new blogging and vlogging ideas! I got this book for $3 where it would usually cost $10 at Staples!

There are tons of ways to save money while shopping for office and school supplies and this is just one of those ways! I hope you have fun shopping for office supplies, because I know I will! Let me know in the comments below where you go to shop for back to school/office supplies.

– Stay Chic,
Stephanie Russell

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