Where In The World Have I Been?

Traveling is a huge part of life, and it is very important. Making yourself open to all different kinds of cultures and experiences, is a huge part of why we travel. We all have paths we’ve followed or places we want to go. So where in the world have I been?

New Jersey. I’ve been almost everywhere in New Jersey so I cannot list everywhere. But a few key places I’ve been is Seaside Heights, Atlantic City, Barnegat, and Cape May. This picture was taken at the Barnegat bay, across from the lighthouse.

Next is New York, I’ve been to Manhattan which is my favorite place in New York. I’ve also been to Soho, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and Queens. New York is one of my favorite places to be, it’s always so busy and there is always something to do no matter the time.

I have also taken a trip to St. Thomas which is part of the US Virgin Islands. Such a happy and beautiful island, with the softest sand I have ever felt. I went snorkeling here and I saw so many beautifully colored fish in the water!

Next is Florida! Another amazing vacation spot, you can go almost anywhere in Florida and have a good time! I’ve mainly been to Orlando for Disney and Universal and also St. Petersburg which is on the Gulf of Mexico. Other places in Florida I went to was Boca Raton, Seminole, and Tampa.

Puerto Rico is the next place I traveled to. The local artisans are so talented and I loved shopping at their stores/kiosks. The island was beautiful but the culture was even more beautiful.

I have also traveled to Washington D.C. This was a great trip because there is so much history in D.C. You can do and see so much here, and I loved how many monuments they had. I could walk around for hours in D.C. Such a beautiful city with so much history.

Next is North Carolina. North Carolina is a lot of fun. North Carolina has beautiful beaches; I’ve been to the Outerbanks and it truly is beautiful there. You can go shipwreck diving here, which is really cool and a must if you ever take a trip here!

I also traveled to Tortola, which is an island that is a part of the British Virgin Islands. The water here is crystal clear, I was able to see the fish and coral in the water by just looking down! This truly was a beautiful island.

Next is South Carolina. I’ve gone to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina a lot of times and I can’t get enough! The beach here is so beautiful and there’s a lot of great restaurants here as well. If you play golf, like myself, definitely check out World Tour Golf Course. This golf course is an experience in itself! There was someone giving me iced sweet teas as I played golf, and mint scented, chilled towels to cool myself off with. Such a fun experience!

I have also been to the United Kingdom! I loved London and all of the sightseeing that came with it. My favorite places I visited was the Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, and Gherkin where the eye-catching egg building is. The culture here was a pleasure to experience.

I traveled to Pennsylvania many times, and have been to a number of places there. I have mostly visited the city of Philadelphia and Lancaster. But have also visited West Chester, Peddlers Village, Allentown, and Thorndale. I love that Pennsylvania has a lot of history but also there are so many types of cities to go to! Lancaster has a lot of farming areas, Peddlers Village is a cute little quaint town, and then you have Philadelphia which is a busy city. There’s something for everyone here!

Next, I have been to the Netherlands! I went to Amsterdam and Holland. Amsterdam was an amazing experience, and I saw so many interesting sights there. And Holland was a great part of the Netherlands culture that I was blessed to be exposed to.

Maryland is the next place I have been to! I have only gone to two places in Maryland, and they were both a lot of fun. I first went to Baltimore, which is a city in Maryland. Baltimore is an amazing place! There are shops on the water, a submarine you can take a tour of, a huge aquarium and more! I also went to Ocean City, Maryland, and from there I traveled to Assateague Island National Seashore, Maryland. Assateague is an island you can go to that has wild horses running on the beach. The horses are very majestic. It is absolutely amazing to experience being there and see them, and I highly recommend going.

I traveled to Brussels, Belgium which was a beautiful country. The gothic architecture there was impeccable. I was able to truly appreciate their culture, see their beautiful buildings, and their famous Manneken Pis Statue. Also, Belgium chocolate is definitely as good as they make it out to be.

Next place I’ve traveled to is Virginia! I’ve been to Richmond, and Williamsburg. Virginia is very nice and there’s a lot of scenic hiking areas that are just waiting to be explored! Williamsburg was a great experience, and they have a theme park there called Busch Gardens. The theme park is a lot of fun. Busch Gardens is where I took the picture above!

Paris, France is another place I have been. This is my favorite place I have ever traveled to. I really appreciate their culture, since I am French myself. I also really enjoyed the sights that were there. Everything was very chic and beautiful, and I also loved the food. French pastries were quickly my favorite after trying them fresh, from bakeries in France. I hope to go back soon.
I have also been to the Tyrol Region in Austria. This is a western state in Austria that is located in the Alps. This was a breathtaking trip, the sights were like no other. The hills of Austria are forever engrained in my memory because of how truly mesmerizing it was. And for anyone who knows the play The Sound of Music… I actually sang “The hills are alive with the sound of music” in the hills of Austria.

Next place that I’ve been to is Germany. I went to Munich, Schwangu, and Heidelberg. Munich was an amazing experience and I was able to take a bike tour at the Englischer Gartens, I jumped into river rapids on the tour. I felt so alive in that moment! I also went to Schwangu to see the Neuschwanstein castle, which is the picture above and is also the inspiration for Disney’s Sleeping Beauty’s castle. And we went to Heidelberg to go sightseeing. I am also German so experiencing this trip and their culture was amazing and touching to me.

And I have traveled to Italy. I was in Vatican City, Verona, Pisa, Rome, and Florence. All of these cities were so beautiful but the two that spoke to me the most was Verona and Rome. I loved Verona because it was beautiful but it was also the place Romeo and Juliette fell in love. And Rome because seeing the Roman ruins was magnificent. It was so surreal seeing the ruins of something I spent so long learning about in school.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my travels and comment down below where you’ve been!

-Stay Chic,
Stephanie Russell

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