10 Shoes You Need In Your Closet

We all love shoes! A great pair of shoes is what brings an outfit together and can be the sole reason (pun intended) the outfit really works! But when you’re just starting your shoe collection, it’s hard to know what kinds of shoes to splurge on and what kinds of shoes not to. So I put together a list of the top 10 kinds of shoes you need in your closet, and whether you should splurge on an expensive pair or not!

The first pair of shoes that is a MUST is a nice pair of open toe heels, that are for formal wear. A nice pair of formal wear heels is a great investment, so I say SPLURGE! You can wear these at all types of formal events and you will definitely get your money’s worth, with the amount of times you’ll wear them. They’re super important to have in your closet so you’re always ready for a formal event!

The second pair that is a must is a dressy pair of flats. You’ll always need a pair of flats that can go with a nice business formal outfit and even a casual outfit. For these I say SPLURGE! You’ll have so many outfits to wear with these I wouldn’t think twice when paying over $20+ for a pair! Plus, there are a lot of nice flats that you can splurge on and are actually comfortable, like Tieks or Tory Burch flats. I also like the tie-up ballet flats like the Charolette Russe pair in the picture!

The third pair of shoes that I feel needs to be in your closet is a nice pair of ankle boots! These can be worn with many cute outfits in the cooler seasons! Having the short ankle boots are great because they make many outfits look very chic. But I say DON’T SPLURGE. I’ve gone through a few pairs over the years and the cold weather really beats these shoes up! You’ll need to buy a new pair by the next year.

The fourth pair of shoes are slip-on sneakers! These are super comfortable and also super chic. I love to wear these with casual outfits, and it honestly ties a basic or casual look together. I say SPLURGE because a lot of cute slip-ons are over $20 but are definitely worth the money!

The fifth pair of shoes are pointed toe heels! These can be worn with looks ranging from formal to casual and are a staple for your closet. I love them because of how versatile they are and how inexpensive they are. So I say DON’T SPLURGE! You can get a really nice pair of pointed toe heels for cheap and they’ll look like you paid a good amount for them.

The sixth pair of shoes are definitely important to have in your closet in the cooler months! Riding boots are great for outfits from Fall-Spring and you’ll find yourself grabbing for them 24/7 once you have a pair! I say SPLURGE because any good quality boot will last you years, even through the winter months of snow and bad weather.

The seventh pair of shoes are needed in every closet! A pair of canvas sneakers. You can wear canvas sneakers with almost anything! But I say DON’T SPLURGE because I’ve gone through maybe 2-3 pairs a year, especially my white ones because they get dirty in one month. Instead of continuously buying a pair of Chucks or Vans that are $40+ each, you can buy a pair at Target or Walmart for $8-$20.

The eighth pair of shoes are a must have in your closet! Open-toed booties, they make a casual outfit look absolutely gorgeous. I say SPLURGE because you’ll be wearing these so many times, you will really want them to last forever.

Ninth pair of shoes that you need in your closet is a nice pair of sandals. In the summer you’ll be grabbing these, even if you’re wearing a nice dress. They’re perfect to wear with almost anything and they’re comfortable. These sandals are perfect for late spring-summer so I say DON’T SPLURGE. Even though you will be wearing them quite a bit during the months from late spring-summer, you’ll only technically be wearing them for 4-5 months. So, I wouldn’t splurge on something that I would only be wearing for a few months out of the year. You can definitely find a cute pair for cheaper at Charolette Russe or on sale at DSW.

And the tenth pair of shoes that you should have in your closet are high heeled booties. These are great to wear in the cooler months when you want to spruce up a casual outfit. I wear these so often and they look so chic! I say definitely SPLURGE, because its hard to find a quality pair for cheap that will last long.

I hope you enjoyed reading and comment down below what your favorite shoes are! Mine are booties!

-Stay Chic,
Stephanie Russell

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