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Tropical Vacation Outfits

My favorite part about going somewhere tropical is picking out the cute outfits I will be wearing for the time I will be there. There is a lot that goes into planning outfits for tropical vacations. For example, how the weather will be the week you are there, or if it’s too hot to wear a certain outfit. So here’s the outfits that I’ve chosen for my tropical vacation!

The first outfit is a gorgeous flowy pant suit! I thought this was perfect because of the bright yellow color and the beautiful flower print on the suit. To me this screamed tropical vacation, I could see myself walking on the beach with this exact outfit on. Also, the fabric isn’t tight and it is pretty light which is good for the heat. I got this pant suit at Target for about $30!

Next, is a casual outfit that can be worn just during the day while you go shopping in the town! I paired a white tank top with a blue kimono and jean shorts with flip flops. This is a very nice and light outfit, so wearing it in the heat won’t be an issue! I purchased the white tank top (Sleek N Easy Tank) at Free People for $20. You can get a similar kimono to mine at JCPenny, the White Mark Fringe Circles Kimono is sold for only $30 and comes in other colors as well. And the jean shorts can be purchased at American Eagle for about $50!

This pink lightweight dress from Abercrombie & Fitch is perfect for the tropic weather! It’s a cute outfit to wear while picking up seashells, or going for lunch. The color would look amazing against beautiful darker skin tones and sun kissed skin as well! You can get a similar dress, still from Abercrombie & Fitch, called the Babydoll dress for $58!

Another great casual outfit to wear near your resort area, while on a hammock or sitting by the pool. I wore a super cute cotton Palm Springs crop top with lavender colored jean shorts. It’s a thin cotton shirt which is great for the heat and the lavender shorts are a beautiful color to wear on a tropical vacation! I got my Palm Springs shirt from Forever 21, they no longer sell this item but it can be found on Poshmark for around $12 or less if you search “Forever 21 Palm Springs Crop Top”. Also you can purchase these Distressed Cuffed Denim Shorts at Forever 21 for originally $19.90 but now on sale for $13.93!

Next is a flowy cream lace romper. The fact that it’s flowy helps with the heat of the tropics, and anything white or cream colored helps reflect the sunlight! So you can definitely beat the heat with this gorgeous outfit. You can get a similar romper to this, the Sugarlips Lace Bell Sleeve Romper at Dillards.com for $89!

And the last outfit I chose for tropical vacation outfits is this shirt dress. This one is surprisingly thin and it has a great color to wear at any tropical place! It’s beautiful yet casual and I feel it can be worn anywhere during your vacation. You can get a similar dress, the Open Back Tent Dress at SheIn for $15!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and are excited to plan your outfits for your next tropical vacation! Comment down below if you’ve taken a tropical vacation and if so, where did you go? I’ve been to Puerto Rico, St. Thomas, the Caribbean, Florida and Tortola!

-Stay Chic,
Stephanie Russell

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