Travel Essentials

When traveling by plane it could either be an unpleasant experience or a comfortable one. All of that depends on what you bring with you while you travel. As a frequent flyer, I came up with a list of travel essentials that I feel is necessary for any flight.

The first item I feel is necessary is a computer or iPad/tablet. This is great for travel, you can either get work done for a job or school. You can also pre-download a game or movie and watch it on your flight. It’s great for being productive and killing time, especially on a long flight. Also, don’t forget to bring a charger for your computer or iPad/tablet!

The next item that is a MUST is gum! When you fly on a plane there is a lot of pressure build-up in your ears, which can be uncomfortable for a lot of people. Besides yawning, a great relief from the pressure is chewing gum!

The third item is a portable charger! This is super important because not all planes are equipped with charging ports. So if your phone or tablet dies you’ll be able to turn it back on and use it. It saves you from boredom, I promise!

Next is a facial mist, you can also use facial wipes if you aren’t wearing face makeup. You will more than likely need this because the airplane air is very stale. This leaves your face feeling very dry, a great pick-me-up is this facial mist! It will make your dry feeling skin, feel 1000 times better!

This fifth item is chapstick! I find if you bring it, you don’t use it. But if you don’t bring it, you’ll need it more than anything. I always bring it just in case, you don’t want to be stuck 45,000 feet in the air with chapped lips… and not be able to do anything about it. So it’s definitely important to bring with!

The obvious things that are definitely essential are your wallet, and your glasses (if you need them). It’s important to always have your wallet with you, but even more important on a plane because if you want a refreshment they only take cards. And glasses are important if you have bad vision like myself!

Headphones are very important because if you want to listen to music, you won’t be bothering anyone else with your tunes. Also, with longer flights, you need headphones to be able to use the movie screen on the plane to hear it, otherwise it has no sound.

Paper and pen may not seem important but it really is. Especially if you doodle or if you like to make tons of lists like I do! Pen and paper can always keep you busy and I definitely recommend bringing some!

Your passport is definitely important, especially when traveling to another country. You don’t want to get all the way to the country and not be able to enter the country. It serves as identification if you aren’t traveling out of the country as well but isn’t necessary, a license will do. But if you just want to bring it for bragging rights, I would!

If you have oily skin then you know why these blotting papers are essential when traveling. Sometimes planes get hot and you sweat, which means you’re going to get oily. These blotting papers help you go from shiny to matte in seconds!

My best advice is to make sure to bring a hair tie for a plane ride. Nothing is more annoying than not being able to tie back your hair. And if you are traveling alone, or sitting away from the person you are traveling with, you won’t have anyone to spot you a hair tie. Also, when traveling to far destinations you may want to bring dry shampoo to freshen up your hair after being on the plane for 9+ hours.

Another item that is super important is an eye mask. When you are trying to sleep during a very early or late night flight this is perfect! Plus if you are sitting next to someone who is using the reading light, you will totally appreciate eye masks as much as I do on a flight.

Any medicines that are important to keep with you are definitely essential. Having a medical condition and not having your medicine with you is a scary situation, especially so high up in the sky. So definitely bring any medicines you will need on your flight.

Socks are super important because your feet can get really cold during a flight. It’s comforting to have them with you just in case. Having cold feet can be irritating, no matter how long of a flight it is. So socks are a MUST if you want to prevent the torture of cold feet.

For those who don’t have the window seat, might need sunglasses. Countless times I’ve experienced the person at the window seat keeping the window cover open, even though I had a headache or wanted it to be closed. Sunglasses are a quick fix for this!

Earplugs are great for long flights if you’re planning to sleep! Sometimes people are talking or the plane is just loud in general and earplugs are the only savior! Make sure you get a high number of decibels, the higher the decibel the quieter it will be!

Lotion is great, considering the stale air of the plane makes your skin dry like I said previously. Your hands will feel very dry on an airplane sometimes, and lotion is great to have with you so you can prevent that feeling! I love having this with me especially on long flights.
And lastly, but definitely not least, is something to read. Whether it be a book, your kindle, or a magazine something to read will definitely keep you occupied. I love reading on the plane, because it helps pass the time. What is amazing is the airport usually has a store you can buy a magazine or book in if you forget to bring your own!

I hope you enjoyed reading and comment down below if you’ve been on a plane or not! If so, what’s the longest flight you’ve had. Mine is 13 hours!

-Stay Chic,
Stephanie Russell

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