Monthly Antifavorites

July Anti-Favorites

There are some products that are your all time favorite, and others that will have you questioning why anyone would pay over $1 for it. That is how some of the products I try monthly make me feel, which is why I’m starting to do monthly favorites and also monthly anti-favorites. But before we jump into some of these products please know that everyone is different. So if I mention a product that is your holy grail please don’t be offended, if it just didn’t work for me that doesn’t mean it won’t work for anyone else. With that being said let’s jump into this months anti-favorites. 

The first that I quickly added to the list this month was Elf’s blush. I wanted to see if their blushes were any good, and I was pretty disappointed with the results. I felt that there was no color pay-off, and the product was very chalky. This is the only blush of theirs I have tried so far, so I can’t say their blush’s formula is the problem. But all I know is that this one was not good in my opinion. 

Next is Urban Decay’s lipstick in Sheer Anarchy. I bought this item in the hopes to have a nice sheer fuchsia color for the summer. My first impression was that it was very pretty, but then after I wore it for an hour the color completely disappeared. I had to keep applying frequently which became a hassle, especially since all I was doing was talking. I’d understand if I was eating foods, drinking out of a cup, or kissing but I wasn’t. Although, I had high hopes for it, it wasn’t for me. 

This anti-favorite isn’t a complete hate for the product, because I do like the Make Believe In Yourself Eye and Cheek palette by Tarte. It has so many pretty shimmer colors but applying them with a brush was a hassle. Also, just using the chunkier glitter colors only once, made it look like I dipped into the palette multiple times already. There was a lot of fall out as well, so I don’t suggest doing your foundation before using this. I’ve created cute eye looks with this palette but it was just an aggravating experience while using it. 

This Sephora eyeshadow primer was added to my anti-favorites when I tried to do a makeup look while using solely Sephora brand products. The primer creased my eyeshadow so badly that I would rather have not used a primer at all. It was oily during application and took forever to dry. Then about 2 hours into wearing my makeup the eyeshadow creased, leaving me looking like a crazy person. 

Target’s brand up&up has a blending sponge that I decided to try. This blending sponge landed on this months anti-favorites because it soaks up all of the product, it is very hard even with the addition of water, and it doesn’t blend liquid and cream makeup well at all. 

La Base Pro face primer by Lancôme is one of my least favorite facial primers for one important reason. Even though it works well as a primer for a lot of other people, my face feels very oily when I use it. I have dry skin and the fact that my face feels oily when using this is disappointing. 

Another anti-favorite for this month is Que Bella’s peel off mask. This mask felt very refreshing when I first put it on… until it came time to peel it off. I felt that when peeling this mask off, I was peeling my actual skin with it. It was a very painful experience and it took me about 20 minutes to get completely off. Then when looking at the peeled off mask there were little peach fuzz hairs that were ripped off of my face. My face was irritated for the rest of the night. So this product wasn’t for me. 

Next is Urban Decay’s de-slick setting spray. I purchased this to use for when I do makeup for other people, so I have a setting spray for those with oily skin. When I did my friends makeup for an event, she told me that she felt the makeup setting spray was not good for oil-control because her skin looked very oily after 30 minutes of wearing it. I feel that using Urban Decay’s all-nighter setting spray worked better than de-slick for her oily skin. 

And lastly the bra that has been seen all over Instagram. I got mine from Sculpt Bra and it does not work. What. So. Ever. First of all, it does not give you support or push your breasts up. What this bra does is stick to each breast and push them together instead of up… which creates a uni-boob situation, that doesn’t look good at all. Plus, the edges on this bra are completely lifted from the skin which means to keep it secure you need a bandeau anyway. And you cannot sweat in this bra, otherwise it will come off. So for me, this bra is full of lies and is now the ultimate anti-favorite of this month. 

I hope you guys enjoyed reading and comment down below a product you tried and didn’t like! 

 -Stay Chic,

 Stephanie Russell

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