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Underrated Makeup 

The feeling of finding a drugstore product that works just as well as a name brand, is like no other. There are so many drugstore products that are completely underrated and I think it’s time we let them shine! 

First, is Wet N’ Wild. Some people can look at Wet N’ Wild and think it’s cheap makeup because of its packaging… but don’t let that fool you. These eyeshadows are just as pigmented as my Morphe eyeshadows! And the liquid matte lipstick is very pigmented and it goes on smoothly, evenly, and without any streaks. You’ll be surprised at how good these products are. 

Second is Elf, I talk a lot about Elf on my blog because I feel that the whole brand is underrated in general! Mainly, these few products are underrated. Their shimmer lip gloss leaves any lippie with a metallic look and it is not very sticky like most lip glosses. Next, their lip crayons are so pigmented and easily applied. My favorite shade is Tea Rose! Another underrated product of theirs is their metallic liquid molten eyeshadow! I got mine in rose gold and it is beautiful it also blends out with other shadows very nicely. Next, is Elf’s baked highlighter and bronzer duo, which is very underrated. It is such a nice yet subtle highlight and the bronzer is shimmery which I’m not a fan of… BUT using the bronzer as a highlighter works perfectly and swatched very much like LIT from Urban Decay’s Naked Illuminated highlighter. 

Another brand is NYX, and even though it is on the rave for its NYX Lingerie lippies, there are some products from NYX that are totally underrated. For example, their liquid illuminator, this is a great highlighter and it is super blinding and long lasting. I have mine in the shade Gleam. Next is their butter gloss, which is not a sticky lip gloss at all! I feel as if I can wear this lip gloss without putting on any other lip product because of it’s beautiful nude tint (in shade Fortune Cookie). Another is their soft matte lip cream, I have mine in shade Monte Carlo. Their soft matte lip creams keep my lips moisturized and the color does not bleed. It’s long lasting and pigmented. And lastly, is their matte liquid liner. I love their liquid liner because it doesn’t smudge, it’s a very dark black and it’s brush lets me be precise with my winged liner. 

Let’s just take a moment to praise Ardell lashes… these are seriously great lashes for the price! I got these beautifully long lashes for only $4 at Target. They are easy to work with and complete any eye look. I use Ardell’s lacies and their faux mink lashes. Many may look at the packaging and think they are cheaply made but I promise you they are amazing! 

Revlon has been coming out with some amazing products lately, that are completely underrated, and I got to play with two of their coolest ones. Their cream eyeshadow and their eye art. Their cream eyeshadows are so nice and glide very smoothly. Plus, they are also very bendable. Of course I got their rose gold shade in 730. And their eye art is very cool! I didn’t care for the glitter side because it needs to be built up for you to really see the glitter sadly. Regardless, I bought it solely for the metallic paint side, again in their rose gold shade, 100 Topaz Twinkle. It was super cool to use, since you are basically painting on your eyelids with wet metallic eyeshadow. The color pay-off is unbelievable and after letting it dry, the eyeshadow did not crease or crack! 

And saving the best for last, Maybelline which is my all time favorite drugstore makeup brand. I do have a bit bias opinion when it comes to Maybelline but fairly enough, I will call out bad makeup when I see it. I could easily go as far as saying their whole FIT me line is one of the best drugstore makeup lines you could use. And some products from Maybelline (mainly the FIT me line) are underrated, like their liquid foundation! That foundation has amazing coverage and is super affordable. It also had the option of “dewy and smooth” or “matte and poreless” depending on the finish you want and they’re quality foundations! As well as their pressed powder foundation, which has great pigmentation and is not chalky what so ever, which can be a problem for drugstore powder foundations or bronzers. And their pressed powder blushes are also amazing, full of pigment, long lasting, are silky, and are easily bendable. 

I recommend you try out these products that are underrated because you will truly be surprised by them. Let me know what you think is the most underrated makeup product in the comments! 

 -Stay Chic

 Stephanie Russell 

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