July Favorites

We all have favorite products and items but most of us stick to our ride or dies and rarely try new things! Every month, I’m doing a monthly favorites post. I try new products every month and see which ones are my favorite. I do this so you get to see some products I’m giving the “Stephanie Stamp of Approval” on! I will also be posting a monthly anti-favorites showing the products that didn’t really work for me. So let’s dive in and see which products I approved! 

The first product I tried was this Bath and Body Works rose water and ivy candle! I think this candle smells AMAZING. It’s one of those candles that’s scent is so addictive you find yourself picking it up and smelling it all day long. I love the smell of roses so this candle is perfect if you do as well. It also looks super cute on your dresser or vanity with the rose gold and marble design. You can purchase this at Bath and Body Works for $24.50 and you can also look online for any coupons available. 

Next product I was lucky enough to get my hands on was the Aurora Glow Kit from Anastasia Beverly Hills. This glow kit comes with awesome highlighting shades like blue, green, and purple! They are very iridescent and are beautiful when swatched. They are also long lasting and fun to use! You can find yours at Sephora for $40! 

A great product that I tried and was very affordable was this Elf Pore Refining Brush and Mask Tool. This is amazing because it saves you so much effort when applying a mask. Things can get messy while applying a mask and washing it off your hands is a pain. Using a brush to do this is easier and it is also more sanitary. Using a brush helps eliminate introduction of bacteria into your mask jar, that you would be introducing with using your hands. It’s easier, cleaner and it also comes with a pore refining brush as well. This brush is sturdy and also easy to clean off. You can find this at Target or an Elf store for only $5! 

Finding the right face primer is always a challenge, sometimes we get lucky after the first one we buy. Other times we go through six different primers until we find the right match. After searching through at least four different primers, I finally figured I would try this HangoverRx by Too Faced.  This primer works great for me and keeps my skin feeling hydrated and also helps keep my makeup long lasting and not crease. This can be found at Sephora for $32! 

The next product I tried was the Morphe Brush Set 681 – 18 Piece Sable Brush Set. And I’m in love. I have heard mixed reviews about Morphe brushes but I decided to try it for myself and I love the quality of these brushes! They are soft, they don’t leave any streaks while applying, and are easy to blend with. I also used the brushes on other people I was asked to do makeup for and they said their makeup looked airbrushed. I was extremely happy with them! You can find yours at Morphebrushes.com for $39.99, you can also use a 10% off discount code which can be found from many beauty YouTubers (i.e. LauraLee, MannyMua, Jaclyn Hill etc). 

Marc Jacobs stole my heart with this palette! Such creamy and pigmented shadows in a beautiful palette. This is the 750 Edgitorial palette. I like it so much because of the color scheme, it has neutrals and a beautiful yellow shimmer statement color. It is long lasting and fun! This can be purchased from Sephora for $49. 

With my new Morphe brushes, I obviously needed to try a new makeup brush shampoo for cleaning them! I tried the Sephora brand makeup brush shampoo and it works very well! It really cleaned my brushes throughly and it’s cheaper than many other brands makeup brush shampoos. You can find this at Sephora full-size for $15 or 2 oz for $7. 

Next July favorite is Daisy by Marc Jacobs perfume! I know this perfume isn’t new but I recently just discovered it. Considering I love flowery smells, this is a perfect perfume! I also got the same one in a rollerball version as well. This can be found at Sephora and the rollerball version is $25 and the 1.7 oz spray bottle version is $80. 

A cool product I was able to try was the silicone sponge! It was interesting to apply makeup with this because it doesn’t soak up any product. Although I don’t see myself grabbing this to use daily, it does work well and is fun to apply liquid makeup with. You can find this from Amazon 2 for about $5, Walmart for about $5 or online at silicosponge.com originally for $12.99 but now on sale for $5.99. 

And lastly, a fashion favorite from this month are these beautiful clear strapped, rose gold, sparkle heels! These are from ALDOs, I put them on and fell in love instantaneously. They really tie together an outfit. These were $65 at the ALDO shoe store. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this months favorites and are excited to try one of these products! 

 -Stay Chic 

 Stephanie Russell

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