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Best Drugstore Face Masks

Luxury face masks are great and all but can we really afford them all of the time? I know I can’t drop $25 on a face mask all of the time, that’s insanity! So what are some great alternatives to those expensive face masks? The ones that you can buy for cheaper at your Target or local drugstore! And most of them work perfectly for a lot cheaper! For example, the L’Oréal clay masks or the Elf bubble mask! So let’s get excited to save money and dive into these face masks! 

One brand of drugstore face masks are que bella. These can be found at Target. I tried many of these and my favorite is definitely the coconut cream mask shown above. This mask leaves my face looking dewy and feeling fresh! These are great quality and are worth the purchase! These are about $2! Super affordable!

This next drugstore face mask brand is called daylogic. This brand can be found at Rite Aid. They are amazing quality and sell different kinds but my favorite is the rejuvenate face masks. This makes my skin feel cool and quenched. The mask is only $2-$3. 

The next drugstore mask is a sheet mask from the brand masque bar. The cucumber sheet mask shown above is amazing as well! This cucumber mask soothed my skin leaving me feeling refreshed! Such a great quality for only $4! 

Another drugstore face mask that is also my holy grail is miss spa! The face masks from miss spa are amazing and I would even go as far as saying they are a Sephora sheet mask dupe! They work so well and my skin looked brighter and felt replenished! This mask is only $3 and can be found at a local drugstore (I found mine at Rite Aid) and can be found at Target! 

And finally, this fun LookBeauty face mask. These work really well and they are so much fun because they have animal faces on the sheet mask! So if you want to have fun with your sheet mask and detox, hydrate or brighten your skin, then these are totally for you! 

I honestly have tried so many brands and I constantly find myself going back to these! I really feel that these are the best! So I hope you enjoyed these best drugstore face masks and go try them out! 

 – Stay Chic

 Stephanie Russell 

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