Best Place For Artsy Pictures in NYC

If you go to NYC often then I’m sure you know that every corner you turn is a photo opportunity. It’s amazing how many landmarks and beauty are in one city. But one place I recommend taking artsy pictures is the High Line in NYC. It’s definitely a hidden treasure for your next cute Instagram. 

The High Line used to be an old train track that had trains that carried goods to and from the meat packing district. The trains were no longer used after time and the tracks became overgrown with plants. They decided to preserve this track instead of demolishing it and turned it into a park. It is such a beautiful area! This is definitely worth visiting. 

Here, there is a great mix of modern city life and greenery. With views of the city streets but walking through the park being surrounded by beautiful trees, plants and flowers! 

Also, all over in this park there is beautiful artwork to view and take pictures of or with! In the beginning of this amazing scenic place is a beautiful fountain that I just had to take a picture with, as shown above. 

Another amazing thing about the High Line, besides the inspirational story of how it came to be, is there is Instagrammable foods! To me, there’s nothing better than foods that taste amazing and look cute in a picture! Like the snow cone I’m holding above. This cold treat was actually shaved from a huge block of ice right in front of me! 

Whether you decide to make the trip there with friends or alone, the views are definitely selfie-capable! You’re pretty high up from the ground so you’ll still be able to take a selfie with no problem getting the city in the background! 

Aside from the views, it’s also close to NYC nightlife! The Brass Monkey is a beautiful rooftop bar and there are tons of coffee shops and restaurants around as well!

This beautiful park is great for showing off your chic NYC outfit. Since the walkway has up guard ropes to prevent people from walking on the plants, it’s easy to get a picture with no one in the background. 

More picture-perfect places at the High Line are the surrounding buildings! They have so many different kinds of buildings around and many with captivating architecture. There are art galleries, apartment buildings with character and offices for big companies. 

The walkways are encased in greenery at the High Line. All of these beautiful plants are great for pictures. If you want a picture in the walkway being surrounded by the gardens you may have to wait until the passing traffic stops. But sitting in that area for a while I realized it does not take long for the foot traffic to cease.

I hope you all get to experience the High Line, whether to grab a great artsy picture or just to have an adventure! It truly is a beautiful place and I could definitely say it is one of the best places to take artsy pictures in NYC! 

– Stay Chic 

 Stephanie Russell 

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