Fashion That Gives Back 

We all love buying clothes, accessories, and shoes. But wouldn’t we love it so much more if it also helps someone else in the process? I know that this is something I definitely enjoy. There are so many brands out there that make fashion accessories and more that also support a charitable organization. One example is lokai. Lokai sells a black and a white bracelet that you are able to purchase and pick an organization, from the array they support, then a certain percentage of your purchase goes towards that organization. 

The next company is Pura Vida. Pura Vida sells fashion accessories like the bracelets shown above. The bracelets are made by local artisans from Costa Rica, and this helps support them. They also have other organizations they help support by selling charity bracelets for them.

Another fashion brand that gives back is Toms. This one is more widely known than most. For each pair of shoes you buy, you give a pair to someone in need of shoes. They are super cute canvas shoes and clearly go towards a great cause.

Sand Cloud is a great charitable fashion company. They don’t mainly sell fashion to wear but they sell super cute fashionable beach towels and beach bags. This organization puts a percentage of their purchases toward saving marine life.

Next is Half United, who is known to feed people going hungry, with fashion. Every accessory purchased goes towards feeding someone in need. They use bullet casings and more cool things to make their jewelry. I think this is an amazing company and they are very unique.

The next fashion for a cause company is Love Your Melon. This company sells accessory hats, with every hat purchased 50% of the proceeds goes to pediatric cancer research. These hats let you show your support in the fight against pediatric cancer.

Another company is Ivory Ella. This company sells shirts, water bottles, and more to help stop the hunting of elephants for their ivory. This is a great organization and a great cause.

And lastly is Honey Bum, this organization sells very chic clothes and more. For every item purchased they promise to plant 10 flowers to help save the bees.

These are all amazing companies and there are thousands more out there! I hope this inspires you to buy fashion that gives back!

-Stay Chic

Stephanie Russell

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