Pool Lounging Outfits

Whether you are on vacation, at a community area or in your backyard, lounging at the pool is a must in the summer. Most people like myself like to look cute at the pool, especially on vacation. So here are some pool outfits you can wear while lounging that won’t be too hot to wear in the sun.

The first outfit I thought would be super cute to wear with a bathing suit. This is a long bathing suit cover-up that is sheer but colorful for the summer! The cover-up is light weight and airy, wonderful for sitting by the pool! You can get a long bathing suit cover up like this at Rosegal.com for $16.

This lightweight off the shoulder dress will have you looking very chic while lounging poolside. You can easily wear a strapless suit under this and be ready to go for lunch immediately. This comfy dress was purchased at Charlotte Russe for originally $30.99 but on sale now for $20.

A cotton white laced up dress kept me cool as I sat and put my feet in the pool! This cute dress was able to go over my bathing suit and was super comfy even in the heat. You can purchase one like this on Romwe for $11.

This look is simple yet cute! Just a sun hat and a kimono with a matching bathing suit. This is easier if you plan on going for a dip in the pool because you can just slip off the kimono and jump in! You can buy a wide brim sun hat like this for $15 from Lulus, a rose kimono like mine at Forever 21 for $16, bathing suit bottoms like these at Urban Outfitters for $34, and a bathing suit top like mine at Target for $20.

Next pool lounging outfit is a white netted pool cover-up! Since it is netted it will keep you cool in the heat! You can get a white mesh suit cover-up on Venus for originally $39 but now $27.99 on sale!

My personal favorite outfit for sitting by the pool is this pretty and colorful romper! This is light and airy and has an open back which makes this romper look super chic! I got my Moxeay Deep V Neck Playsuit on Amazon for $20.

And lastly I wore a linen cream dress which was very lightweight and was perfect to sit by the pool! You can get the Madewell Willow Embroidered Shift Dress that is much like this at Nordstrom for $158.

Hope you enjoy lounging by the pool in a cute outfit this summer!

– Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

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