Pretty DIY Centerpieces

Centerpieces can make or break the look of a party, or even the look of your house décor. Centerpieces are so important because it ties the whole room or party together! So, here’s a shabby chic, beautiful yet affordable way to achieve this look!

What you will need:

• Mason jar(s): about $1.50

• Hot glue gun: (with the glue sticks… those are important) $3 for a mini glue gun at Michaels!

• Lace ribbon(s): $6 depending on which one you get. I got the 3.75″ Lace Ribbon by Celebrate It from Michaels. You can also use their usual 40-50% off coupon for this!

• Baby’s-Breath flowers: (Please do not get this if cats or dogs will be around it. It is poisonous to them) Otherwise get silk/fake flowers. For a bouquet of Baby’s-Breath is around $4 each depending on where you live. Or you can find a fake bundle for $9.99 at JoAnn’s and use one of their coupons!

• Wire card holder(s): which I got from Michaels for $3.99 and used one of their coupons. For a cheaper method you can also grab popsicle sticks at the dollar store for $1!

• Picture(s): You can download the Walgreens app on your phone and send your photos over to get them printed straight from your phone! Walgreens always also has great coupons for the picture prints as well.

All of this will vary in price depending upon the amount of centerpieces you are making, but all of the prices above are if you are making a single centerpiece.

Step 1: Measure the lace by wrapping it around the Mason Jar and cut to fit. Glue the first end of the ribbon to the Mason Jar, meet the first glued end of the ribbon with the second end and create a small seam by gluing it down.

Step 2: Separate the Baby’s-Breath and measure how tall you want it to be in the centerpiece by placing it in the Mason Jar.

Step 3: If you bought fresh flowers, rip off pieces about the size you want and start bunching the flowers. Make sure the flowers aren’t stuck together by fluffing them up with your fingers. Tie a rubber band, if you wish, around the flowers to hold them in place. If you bought silk/fake flowers you can take a wire cutter and cut the wire down to size that you like and separate the branches to give it a fuller look.

Step 4 (for fresh flowers): Cut the stems evenly so they don’t look messy in the Mason Jar from ripping them off the bouquet.

Step 5: Take more lace ribbon (enough to make a bow or a knot) and place the flowers in the middle of the ribbon. Then take the ribbon in each hand and cross them over in opposite directions. 

Step 6: After you’ve done step 5, you will flip the flowers over carefully and tie a bow or knot with the lace.

Step 7: Cut the extra ribbon, if any, in an angled direction to give it a clean cut look.

Step 8: Plop your flowers in the Mason Jar. If they aren’t real flowers you clearly don’t need water. But if they are real you should probably put water in them so they last longer than a day!

Step 9: Attatch your printed photo to the wire card holder. If you went with popsicle sticks then tape the popsicle stick with washi tape to the back of the picture. Or you can also hot glue or school glue the popsicle stick to the back of the picture but be careful you don’t ruin the picture!

Step 10: Finally, stick your picture with the wire card holder or popsicle stick into the Baby’s-Breath and there you have it! A beautiful centerpiece!

I hope your party or décor looks super cute and chic with this centerpiece DIY!

– Stay Chic

Stephanie Russell

One thought on “Pretty DIY Centerpieces

  1. Great idea for an upcoming christening!! Fantastic DIY idea!! Your instructions and pictures are very influential!! Thank you!!


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