DIY Ring Dish

As much as I think we all love trinket dishes, they can get super expensive! Most of us look at the price and say “Ha! I can make that myself.” But do we ever actually make it ourselves? Most of the time, not. But this cute DIY ring dish is begging to be on your vanity, so let’s actually make these ourselves together with my step-by-step DIY.

Get a small square or round dish (I prefer square). I got mine from the Dollar Tree for a dollar!

Next, I went to Michaels Craft Store and got fine point paint markers from the brand Sharpie. You don’t need fine point markers but they’re preferred for precision purposes. The 3 pack of metallic silver, gold and rose gold were around $13, but with a 55% off coupon from A.C. Moore you get from signing up for emails it came to around $6 and change. You can also buy just a single one for around $3 and use another coupon.

Step 1: Write a cute message, or draw whatever you’d like on the plate! If you want it centered, make sure that is done beforehand.

Step 2: Add any designs if you’d like (I drew polka dots in rose gold and gold).

Step 3: Outline the edge of the plate or bowl with the marker. This is seen on most trinket dishes and adds a nice touch!

Next, you have to bake it for 30 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Then leave it in the oven after you turn it off until the oven is cooled off. And voilà! You have a new, super cute, ring/trinket dish!

Hope you enjoyed and are inspired by this DIY!

– Stay Chic

Stephanie Russell

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