Nail Colors In Style This Summer

For many people who get their nails done, the most stressful question is… What color do you want? As we search through thousands of nail colors at the salon, or go through tons of nail polish bottles, swatching for cutest one, sometimes you still just can’t find anything you like! So thankfully I’m here to help make that decision for you and to let you know the colors that are in style this summer!

The first color is a metallic rose gold color! I love the color rose gold which is definitely a favorite of many people, but also metallic looks whether for lips, eyes or nails are coming back in style! You can get this shade from the nail polish brand Essie in the shade “Penny Talk”

Next is this super cute bright red! A red is always great to wear during any season but it’s become super popular this summer for the bold look it gives. You can get this color from Estée Lauder in shade “Pure Red”

This neon aqua polish is a must this summer! As it gives a great pop of color to any outfit and is such a beautiful shade of blue. You can get this color from the brand China Glaze in shade “Aquadelic”

This next color is a light yellow color! Yellow is trending this summer season and I can see why, it’s such a happy color! As you can see I paired this nail with a dark colored outfit and it pulled this look together perfectly. You can get this color from the brand Sally Hansen in shade “Mellow Yellow”

Everyone is obsessing over mermaids, and I think it’s because we are all mermaids at heart. This nail look is a mermaid colored teal glitter and I’m obsessed! It helps me channel my inner mermaid while making my nails look fabulous. You can get this nail color from the Deborah Lippman brand in shade “Across The Universe”

This boho metallic emerald color is so cute and is super in style this season! Emerald is such a beautiful color and the metallic part of this nail polish makes it look super cool! This one honestly reminds me of the ocean. Get this color from Nicole by OPI in “Emerald Empowered”

This dark blue brings an amazing contrast to a lot of looks! The color is so rich and looks great with many summer outfits. This royal blue is on the trend this season, and you can get this color from the brand Sinful Colors in shade “Endless Blue”

Metallic copper is huge right now, people are wearing it on their nails, as an eyeliner, buying makeup brushes that are a copper color and more! This goes well with many outfits too! You can get this nail color from the brand NARS in the shade “Delos”

Yet another metallic shade, I think we can see a trend here. This beautiful metallic is a light green and is mesmerizing! It is such a great color for the summer and personally I’m in love with it! You can get this color from Icing in the shade “Martini, Extra Olives”

And lastly, nude colors and blush pinks are in style this summer and go great for a nail color! It looks beautiful but natural and can be paired with any outfit. This nail color is perfect for this summer and you can get it from the brand Orly in shade “Nourishing Nude”

I hope after reading this, the question that haunts us at the nail salon isn’t as stressful and you are able to pick your next nail color swiftly.

Stay Chic

– Stephanie Russell

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