Best Summer Lip Products


During each season I search for the perfect lip products to wear. Whether it be for comfort, fashion, or because it is just the perfect shade to wear for that season! Since it is officially summer, I chose what I thought was the best lip products for this summer! Some people love to splurge on makeup whenever they get a chance like myself, and would not mind purchasing a high end lip product $30+. But others would rather buy a lip product thats moderate in price or something that is cheap but a great quality for the price! So keeping that in mind I chose three lip products for each price point that I thought would look great for this summer season!

Summer Lippies

Each row of pictures is a different price point, the most expensive at the top, the moderately expensive is in the middle, and the bottom row is the lowest price point!

$$$: So, at the top starting from left to right, I have Yves Saint Laurent in color Rhythm Red No. 411. It is a bright red, with a high shine to the lipstick, which will go great with your summer wardrobe, and will dress up an outfit in no time! The price of this is $36. Then the next lip product I have is Burberry in color Nude No. 407, this color has a suede finish and has a very buttery feel during application. This pretty nude color will look great with any look this summer, especially a causal look! The price of this is $35. Then next is Chanel’s intense long-wear lipstick in color Rouge Allure No. 166. This a velvet finish lipstick and has a great summer feel to it, I would describe the color as a raspberry pink! I would wear this with any summer outfit but especially business formal/business causal. The price of this is $37. The color pay-off with all of these lip products were fantastic and they were all very long lasting which will be great in the heat!

$$: Again, starting in the middle row from left to right, I have Lolita II from Kat Von D’s everlasting liquid lipstick collection. This shade is a matte, burnt orange with a pinky undertone and I think it is a great summer color! Although this is not as versatile when it comes to matching outfits, like a nude color lipstick is, it is still a very pretty color. The price of this is $20. The next lip product is from Lime Crime, in the shade Buffy. This is a darker tan/nude color, and this lippie is matte. I thought this lip would go great with a bright colored summer outfit to help give balance to a bright colored look! The price of this is $20. The last lipstick, in the row of moderately priced lip products, is another Kat Von D everlasting liquid lipstick. This one is in the matte shade Double Dare, I love this one for summer because it is a beautiful pink watermelon color. This color can brighten up any look and can be worn with many outfits! The price of this is $20. These lip products are amazing but are not completely kiss proof or eating proof, if you are to buy them you may need to bring it with you for a re-application. I normally re-apply only once after first application.

$: Starting at the bottom row from left to right, I have the new tinted lip balm Revlon Kiss from Revlon. I got this in the shade Fresh Strawberry (it tastes and smells like strawberries too). This product is amazing for the summer, it is not a heavy lip product like a lip gloss, or lipstick. It goes on as a lip balm and tints your lips a beautiful pink color that looks natural and gives it a nice non-sticky shine. This lip product would be great to wear to the beach or pool and it also has SPF 20! This product only costs $3.75-$5 depending on place of purchase. Next, I have a lipstick from L.A. Colors, which can be found on their website or at the Dollar Tree. This lipstick is in the shade Natural Shine and is a very pretty nude color with a pink undertone, and can be worn with many outfits. A great shade for the summer and at a great price! This product only costs $1-$2. And last but not least, a lip color from NYX’s soft matte lip cream collection. This is a great bright coral color for the summer and can match well with many outfits! The pigment is amazing for a product that only costs about $5. All of these products are great for their price but need to be re-applied numerous times throughout the day. The only one I would say is heat proof is the lip tint SPF balm from Revlon!

So, I hope with reading this you’re ready to try out these lip products this summer season or even find your own favorite summer lip products!

-Stay Chic,

Stephanie Russell

One thought on “Best Summer Lip Products

  1. Great comparisons!! Thank you for providing the various brands, prices and descriptions of each product!! It certainly made choosing a lipstick for this summer much easier to decide on!! The photos were extremely helpful as well!!


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