How To Style Boyfriend Jeans

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Boyfriend jeans are a closet staple and I believe everyone should own at least one pair in their lifetime. They are fun, comfy, and super stylish! Although, some may question what you can wear with your boyfriend jeans. Luckily, I have answers! Boyfriend jeans can be tricky, so lets jump into what we can do with them before we jump into what we shouldn’t do with them!

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This first outfit, I paired boyfriend jeans with a navy-blue striped shirt, an olive-green cardigan, navy-blue and gold tassel earrings and layered gold plated necklaces. I say this casual outfit goes great with the boyfriend jeans, it is dressed down enough so you can run errands in this outfit but still look super chic for that backyard party later. Casual looks are great with boyfriend jeans, as long as they are not dressed down too much. Accessories help bring your outfit from drab to fab real quick!

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Outfit number two is my personal favorite. I wore a comfy, tan turtleneck knit sweater with the boyfriend jeans, a pair of mirror frame glasses, and some rust brown colored sandals. This outfit is my favorite because it looks super chic yet it is soooo comfy! A great outfit for a beach bonfire! Comfy looks are always great with boyfriend jeans but make sure you wear a statement accessory or shoe to make it look more chic. So don’t be afraid to pull out that sweater from your winter clothes and put it to good (fashion) use this summer!

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The third outfit I put together is a great “beachy” outfit! I paired the boyfriend jeans with a white sleeveless button-up blouse along with some tan Sperry’s, and a large bright orange scarf. The orange scarf really pulls the neutral outfit together and I think this outfit works amazingly, especially if you’re thinking about going on a boat ride! Just remember… boyfriend jeans and beachy outfits are a match made in heaven.

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This look is the fourth outfit I chose for the boyfriend jeans and yes, I went monochromatic. I paired the boyfriend jeans with an off-the-shoulder shirt that is the same shade of blue as the jeans, and a cream beach hat.  This is a dressy-casual look and this outfit can be worn out to dinner or if you are sightseeing etc. Dressy-casual is great for boyfriend jean outfits, as long as there is a good mix. What I mean by good mix is, the shirts, shoes and accessories need to be chosen carefully when it comes to this look with boyfriend jeans. This is because boyfriend jeans dress the outfit down a lot, so some outfits that would look dressy-casual in regular jeans might not look the same in boyfriend jeans. I recommend a nice flowy blouse, cuffing the boyfriend jeans, and pairing that with a nice heel, open-toed bootie, or wedges.

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This business-casual look is outfit number five! I paired a bright red blazer with a white flowy blouse, the boyfriend jeans, white stilettos, and a gold aztec statement necklace. Business-casual is achievable with boyfriend jeans as long as you dress it up enough, just remember the rule of thumb… use a maximum of 3 accessories so you don’t end up OVER accessorizing!

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And the last but not least, outfit number six. This outfit is the semi-casual of the rest of the outfits. Whether you are hanging out with friends or going for lunch this outfit can totally work! I paired blue Sperry sneakers, the boyfriend jeans with a rose pink basic tee, with a blue button-up tied around the waist, and a silver choker. The boyfriend jeans work with this look because it is relaxed but still has a cute look to it with the button up acting as an accessory. A simple look like this can get messy when it is over accessorized or it could also look way too simple which isn’t a better alternative. This outfit is sweet, simple, and basic (but not in a bad way).

These outfits are great with boyfriend jeans, and just remember that every look you are going for has a balance! Hope you enjoyed reading, and are soon to be running out the door with a cute outfit paired with your boyfriend jeans!

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– Stephanie Russell

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