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Tips Poshmark

Like myself, I’m sure everyone has those clothes that just sit in their closet and collect dust. Every time we purge our closets and dressers there are certain items we can never part with. Maybe because it has sentimental value, maybe because it was an expensive buy/gift, or maybe you haven’t worn it in over a year but you think it is just way too cute to toss. Whatever the case is, I know that most of us long to get rid of the old and embrace new wardrobes. So what can we do with these super cute clothes, hats, purses, makeup and accessories that deserve to be used but are not? Poshmark. Poshmark is an app available on iOS and Android where you can sell an entire outfit, or even one article of clothing for whatever price you deem fit. There’s so much that Poshmark offers it was hard for me to turn down, you are able to sell your wardrobe items in your “closet,” you are also able to open an online boutique, you can buy items from other Poshmark users, and you can trade items with other Poshmark users. I also think the best thing about Poshmark is that you do not have to meet up with the people who are buying items from you, and the customers pay for their own shipping! But selling used clothes is not as easy as I make it sound. There are so many factors to selling on Poshmark that will either make or break your success on the app! I have been selling on Poshmark for 2 years now and have had so much success with my “closet” and I would like to share the tips I followed, so let’s dive into my tips for selling on Poshmark…

  1. The number one tip I have always followed with selling on Poshmark is that you need to communicate with the Poshmark community! This is super important because you want to have a great first impression. Communicating with the Poshmark community would be, answering people’s questions about your closet as soon as possible, thanking other Posher’s for liking your listing or following your closet, and reposting other Posher’s posts if they repost one of yours.
  2. Another important tip to selling on Poshmark is always getting your shipments out as soon as possible. If someone buys from your closet it’s always a great idea to thank them for their purchase and ship the package within 1-2 days of purchase.
  3. Visuals are key! People are more likely to buy from your closet if there’s a clear picture of the item being sold, good lighting in the picture, and a nice background. So don’t forget to stage your photos. It is hard to sell items that are poorly pictured because most people buy items most appealing to the eye. Also, make sure you have more than one picture of the item you are looking to sell, and at different angles to help your customer determine if they want to purchase it. It saves them the trouble of asking for more pictures of the item and saves you the trouble of having to take more pictures of that item again!
  4. Going above and beyond for your customers will only benefit you in the end! Packaging your items the safest way possible will definitely show your customers that you care their purchases get to them safely, but no one says you have to stop there. You want things to be and look professional, so adding some extra touches will help you with this. You can decorate the box or mailing envelope with stamps or tape, or even get decorative looking boxes and mailing envelopes. Also, you can wrap the purchased item in ribbon and tissue paper and even write a thank you card for your customer to show your appreciation. This will help when it comes time for your customer to rate their experience with you as a Poshmark seller, and it will make them want to come back for more and/or recommend your closet to others.
  5. Make sure you are consistent with your posts. If you have 30 items to sell don’t post all 30 items at once, space them out. When you are consistent in your posting you will always be on your followers news feeds, and you will gain people’s interest in your closet. And don’t forget to label everything you are listing in your closet, this will make it easier for people to find and will give your customers the information they need when they are looking into purchasing. Labels include what brand it is, what it is (hat, pants, shirt, etc.), what size it is, what color it is, and so on. There is also a description bar that you are able to utilize to describe what you are selling, which helps clarify what it is used for, how you can style it and much more.
  6. Having stylish and trendy items in your closet really helps your closet gain followers. Everyone is on the lookout for fashionable products for cheap or at a discounted price. If your closet keeps up with trends it will definitely gain followers and have many purchases. And letting your customers being able to create what is called a bundle will attract more Posher’s to your closet as well. A bundle gives a certain percentage off of the total to your customers if they buy more than one item. This makes it more appealing to buy more than one item because you get a discount and because you are getting trendy items at an even more discounted price.
  7. You are able to turn offers down. You do not have to feel obligated to trade items with someone just because they asked nicely. And even though negotiating prices happens quite often on Poshmark, you do not have to accept an offer from a customer unless you are comfortable with what they are paying you for it. You will not be seen any differently, it is your closet and you get to choose whether you want to negotiate prices on certain items or not.
  8. Share to theme parties constantly. Theme parties are parties that are specified for specific brands or type of clothing, accessory, or makeup. They happen 3 times a day Sunday-Saturday, and everyone that gets push notifications from Poshmark know when each party is happening. Many people search for good deals during parties they are interested in, so if you share to a theme party you are more likely to get someone to buy your product because they are searching for that specific brand or item!
  9. Constantly share unsold items so they are easier to find. Your closet will show both sold and unsold items, this creates clutter for your customers having to search through the closets listings to see what is left that is not yet sold. If you constantly share unsold listings then all of the sold items will be at the bottom of your closet out of the way and unsold items will be at the top of your closet.
  10. Post the products you are selling at a fair price. Most things that are sold on Poshmark are used but even if it is new, it is still technically secondhand. You want to be fair in pricing for your customers but also yourself. You make 80% of everything you make that is over $15. This is pretty reasonable in terms of what you earn so you shouldn’t over price your items and take advantage of your customers. Working something out that is reasonable in price for both the buyer and the seller is the goal.

I hope these 10 tips helped you figure out what you could do for your Poshmark closet, or maybe even gave you enough information for you to start your own closet if you did not already have one! Happy Poshing!

-Stephanie Russell

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