Who Am I? 

My name is Stephanie Russell and I’m an avid lover of anything and everything beauty. Since the beginning of time I remember always wanting my own YouTube channel and blog, and constantly getting giddy by the thought of showing people my fashion sense and knowledge of beauty topics. I have always pounced on the opportunity to give someone advice on fashion, skincare, makeup etc. And you better believe I tortured all of my friends to let me give them makeovers, facials, and revamp their closet. All joking aside about how excited these topics make me, this is a huge passion of mine and I’m glad I am finally able to share this passion with people who enjoy the same things! I don’t think I am the best when it comes to beauty and fashion because there is still so much to learn and the fashion/beauty world is constantly evolving. But I’m confident that my knowledge in these things could help many that need advice. I hope to capture the attention of many and get my voice out there about my passion for the fashion and beauty world. So if you would like to follow me through my journey of getting started you can by reading my blog and follow my social media, linked down below!

– Stephanie Russell 🙂

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